$7430 EITC Refund Date 2024 – Check EITC Refund Payment Amount & Eligibility

Recently, the IRS announced the $7430 EITC refund date of 2024. The refund will be distributed to eligible candidates from 27 February 2024 who fill the taxes early. The EITC refund payment amounts in 2024 vary according to the family structure of candidates. The people who have families with 3 or more kids are eligible to get a $7430 EITC Refund amount. To apply for this refund at the IRS portal, you should meet the eligibility criteria. You should also know about the refund amount for tax fillers and refund dates. In this article, we also tell you the way to claim the $7430 EITC Refund amount in 2024.

$7430 EITC Refund 2024

The people who live in the United States are paid taxes to the federal government and become eligible for IRS refund payments. Some IRS benefits are also given to tax fillers in return for their tax. Among the taxes, citizens can get earned income tax credit benefits ( EITC). It is also known as child tax credits, which are given to eligible parents. The federal government provides this kind of benefit to give financial assistance to low-income US eligible candidates.

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By providing the $7430 IRS EITC Refund amount to eligible, the IRS aims to support the citizens who have low income but more needs of their children. The aim of providing the $7430 IRS EITC Refund amount is to bring people above the poverty line and manage their required needs. The government directly provides the $7430 Refund amount to eligible beneficiaries in their clement bank account. The fund will be distributed to eligible candidates who are below the poverty line and whose earnings are low to meet their needs. Under these EITC benefits, the eligible candidates can get an amount of $600 to $7430, according to their family structure and number of children.

$7430 IRS EITC 2024 Refund Overview

Program$7430 Earned Income Tax Credit 2024
Provided ByInternal Revenue Services
Paid ByFederal Government
CountryUnited States Of America
FrequencyOne Time In a Year
Maximum Income LimitsUnder $1,1600
Official Websitehttps://www.irs.gov/

US citizens who are in the age group from 25 to 65 years old are eligible to claim $7430 IRS EITC refund payments. The payments start to be sent to the beneficiary account from 27 February and onwards.

$7430 IRS EITC refund amount

  • The Earned Income tax credit is income that eligible candidates who belong to low and middle-class families
  • This EITC refund amount aims to reduce poverty among citizens and shift them above the poverty line
  • If you worked for a year, you are eligible to claim and get this refund. The early tax fillers can get the $7430 IRS EITC refund earliest after the refund date
  • The families with more kids will get more EITC refunds as companies to families having no children

$7430 IRS EITC refund Eligibility criteria

Here are the eligibility criteria that decide whether you are eligible for a $7430 IRS EITC refund amount or not

  • Your income should be low to middle.
  • The person having an income of $11,000 or less is eligible to apply for a $7430 IRS EITC refund in 2024
  • Families having an income of less than $11,600 are qualified for this refund
  • The person applying for a $7430 IRS EITC refund amount must have a social security number
  • The age of the candidate should be 25 to 65 years old to become eligible for a $7430 IRS EITC refund
  • You are also eligible for this refund if you are married but do not live together with your spouse

$7430 IRS EITC refund Amount 2024

The refund amount that individuals can get under EITC varies according to their family structure. Families with more children can get more refunds amount.

Number of ChildrenMaximum EITCAGI for Single Filers AGI for Joint Filers 
3 or more$7430$56838$63398

$7430 IRS EITC refund Date

The eligible candidates can get the $7430 IRS EITC refund within 21 days of filing tax. The refund amount may take 4 weeks to come into the beneficiaries’ accounts if they filed the return properly. So after filling out the taxes, candidates are suggested to wait 21 days to get their refund amount.

How to claim the $7430 IRS EITC refund

Here is the step-by-step guide that candidates should follow to apply for a $7430 IRS EITC refund and claim it

  • Before claiming an EITC refund, it is suggested that candidates meet the eligibility criteria, including age and family status, and have a social security number.
  • To become eligible for a $7430 IRS EITC refund, it is also important for you to file a federal tax return at the IRS portal.
  • Then, you should fill out a Schedule EIC and submit it to the tax return to give information about eligible children  you have
  • To find out where your IRS return is, you can use the IRS2Go mobile app or the “Where my refund” feature.
  • In this way, you can easily claim the $7430 IRS EITC refund

If you are eligible for a refund but do not claim it at the time, then you claim it till 3 prior years. For this, you should submit or modify the returns


With this article, you will learn about the $7430 IRS EITC refund, eligibility, refund date, and refund amount. After you fill out the tax returns, you should wait for 21 days to get the refund amount in your account. But before applying for this EITC refund, you should meet your eligibility and apply at the IRS website. The eligibility of candidates varies according to age, income, family structure, and filling status of candidates. Eligible candidates can easily apply for EITC refund payments by filing taxes on time and doing the necessary work.

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