ADITI Scheme – Nurturing Innovation for India’s Defence Technologies

Defence Minister Shri Rajnath Singh made efforts and launched the ADITI Scheme. By launching the Aditi scheme, they aim to improve Indian defence capabilities. It aims to promote development, innovation and cutting-edge research in the defence sector. In simple words, the ADITI scheme is launched to transform the defence landscape in a better way.

This scheme was launched on 4 March 2024 during DefConnect event 2024. Along with improving the defence sector, it also helps startups by providing a grant of 25 crores to them for their research and development efforts in defence 

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Overview of the ADITI scheme

India Defence Minister Rajnath Singh launched the ADITI scheme on 4 March 2024. The scheme was launched to develop defence technologies and boost innovation. This scheme is part of iDEX ( Innovations for Defence Excellence) with DIO (Defence Innovation Organization ( and DDP ( Department of Defence Production) to work together and improve the defence sector.

At DefConnect 2024 event, rajnath Singh said that we need to improve the defence technologies and develop the country with time. We have to make the country innovations and transform it into a knowledgeable society, he said. The total budget for this scheme is 750 crore. Not only this, this scheme is also providing grants to eligible startups and innovators who want to do research and make development in defence technologies. In this way, this scheme empowers innovators to participate in scheme initiatives, get grants and improve their country.

Scheme NameADITI (Acing Development of Innovative Technologies with iDEX) Scheme
Launched on4 March 2024
Announced by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh
Duration2023-24 to 2025-26
BudgetRs 750 crore
Aim To Promote innovations in critical and strategic Defence technologies
Financial aidRs 25 crore
Last Date to Apply4 April 2024

Objective of the ADITI Scheme

The objective of the ADITI scheme is to promote innovation in the defence sector. This scheme aims to improve India’s technological security, national security, and defence capabilities.

By grants the amount up to 25 crore, this scheme aims to encourage young entrepreneurs, startup innovators and youth to research and make efforts in the development of defence technologies. Those who meet the eligibility of this scheme can get grants from the Government and promote innovation in the defence sector.

Highlights of the ADITI Scheme

The ADITI scheme aims to strengthen the country by innovating defence technologies. Here are a few highlights of this scheme

  • It aims to develop 30 important and advanced techniques that we require for the national security of India. There is a tool called the technology watch tool that is used to see the requirements of technologies needed by the armed forces.
  • The 1st edition of this scheme covers 17 challenges across several branches of Indian defence agencies. Here are challenges distributions among various defence agencies 
Name of the Defence AgencyNo. of Problem Statements
Indian Army3
Indian Navy5
Indian Air Force5
Defence Space Agency4
  • Under the Aditi scheme, the Government expand the iDEX assistance from 1.5 crore to 10 crore to empower innovators and youth to give ideas for the development of defence technologies.
  • Eligible Innovators of this scheme can get financial assistance of up to 25 crore.
  • This scheme strengthens the country with defence production and improves self-reliance. It empowers individuals’ talent to give their ideas and contribute to defence sector development.

Focus areas of the ADITI scheme

We know that the ADITI scheme was launched to improve the technologies of the defence sector and ensure country development. It focus to develops the 30 deep tech critical and strategic technologies. These technologies help to address the defence challenges and requirements of the army. Here are the focus areas of the scheme

  • Cybersecurity and Encryption: To strengthen digital technology and keep the defence networks protected
  • Unmanned Systems: To make drone technology advanced and help defence team during combat, surveillance
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning: It uses AI technologies for decision-making, automatic systems and predictive analytics
  • Advanced Materials and Composites: They focus on improving durability, boost performance and ensure safety

ADITI scheme eligibility

As an innovator, if you want to apply for the ADITI scheme, you should meet the specific eligibility criteria.

  • Your startup should be verified by DPIIT ( department for the Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • The company should be listed under the Companies Act 1956/2013
  • Individuals are only eligible to apply for the ADITI scheme

Documents required

To apply for the ADITI scheme, here are the various documents you should require

  • PAN card
  • Aadhar card
  • Bank account details
  • Mobile number
  • Email id
  • Documents of government recognition of startups, MSMEs or individuals

How to apply online for the ADITI scheme

If you want to get the benefits of the ADITI scheme or want to apply for it, then here are the ways you can follow

  • First, you should visit the official iDEX website:
  • Next, you should tap on the “Apply Now button
  • After click on it, the application form appears in front of you
  • Fill all your required details in the application form, like name, category, DOB, etc and upload your important documents
  • Ensure to fill all details accurately in your form
  • Tap on the submit button to submit your form

Your information in the application form is reviewed by DIO-iDEX, and after successful verification, you can get acceptance of your application.


The launch of the ADITI scheme marks a milestone in India’s development because it innovates the defence sector, improves technologies and keeps the country more protected. By innovating and providing mechanisms, this scheme not only helps to boost national security but also empowers youth to make some efforts for their country. It focuses on entrepreneurship, research, innovation, and extend India defence capabilities for the future.

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