All Of Us Are Dead Season 2: Release Date, Latest Updates, Story and All We Know

The most awaited series is coming back and everyone is waiting for its streaming. The series has already 7.5 stars out of 10 which shows the viewers have loved it and now waiting for its upcoming episodes. Today, we are going to discuss everything that we know so far about All Of Us Are Dead S2 and its latest news.

A super exciting South Korean Zombie TV show came out on Netflix in January 2022. People all over the world loved it! The show is about a zombie apocalypse and is based on a digital comic from South Korea. In just one month, it became one of the top 10 most-watched non-English shows in 91 countries. The first season has 12 episodes, and during its first month, people watched it for a total of 474.26 million hours.

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Release Date: When Can the Season 2 Come?

After the first season, which ended with a zombie outbreak at Hyosan High School and some characters seeming to die, fans were excited to hear about a second season. They officially announced Season 2 on June 6, 2022, with a cool teaser trailer.

The director, Lee Jae-kyoo, hinted that they purposely set up things in Season 1 to make Season 2 even better and more exciting. Everyone is trying to figure out the streaming date, and even though it hasn’t been confirmed yet, according to some trusted sources, it is expected to come in Mid 2024.

The new episodes are almost ready, and even though there’s no trailer yet, knowing there will be more zombies and challenges for the students at Hyosan High School has fans super excited. The end of Season 1 left everyone hanging, with the school getting bombed, and some characters’ fates up in the air. People can’t wait to see what happens next in the world of zombies and survival.

Cast: Who is making a comeback in upcoming episodes?

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 is bringing back a great group of actors to play their roles in the zombie show. The familiar faces include Yoon Chan-young, Park Ji-hu, Cho Yi-hyun, Lomon, Park Solomon, Im Jae-hyuk, Ha Seung-ri, Lee Eun-saem, and Kim Bo-yoon. Fans got a surprise when Cheon-san, who everyone thought was dead in Season 1, showed up in the teaser trailer for the new season, making things even more interesting.

In an interview, Cho Yi-hyun, who plays Nam-ra, talked about why the first season was so successful. She said it was because people could relate to the characters. She pointed out that the students in the show are going through a tough time as teenagers, feeling stuck between being kids and adults, which is something everyone goes through. The actors worked hard on their roles, and Cho shared a funny detail about filming a kissing scene in Season 1—it took 17 tries to get it just right! With such dedication from the cast, fans can expect a real and exciting performance in All of Us Are Dead Season 2, and they can’t wait to see what happens next in the story.

  • Yoon Chan-young as Lee Cheong-san
  • Park Ji-hu as Nam On-jo
  • Cho Yi-hyun as Choi Nam-ra
  • Lomon as Lee Su-hyeok
  • Park Solomon as Su-hyeok
  • Im Jae-hyuk as Dae-su
  • Ha Seung-ri as Ha-ri
  • Lee Eun-saem as Mi-jin
  • Kim Bo-yoon as Hyo-ryung


All of Us Are Dead Season 2 is going to be a really exciting continuation of the story that got people hooked in the first season. The show started with a South Korean digital comic, and the first 12 episodes followed that story. But now, in Season 2, the writers are making up a whole new story for the characters.

The director, Lee Jae-kyoo, said they purposely did things in Season 1 to set up a new season. They’re bringing in new types of zombies, like ones that can’t be infected and ones that can’t die, making the survival theme even more interesting. In the first season, it was about people surviving, and now, they’ll also explore how the zombies survive and the challenges they face.

The story in Season 2 picks up after the bombing of Hyosan, and we don’t know what happened to some important characters. The students who survived make it to quarantine, but the problems aren’t over. Nam-ra is now part human and part zombie, making the story even more unique and unpredictable. The show will still have suspense, horror, and romance, and fans can look forward to more romantic moments like in Season 1. With a brand new story, viewers can expect lots of surprises and twists as the students from Hyosan High School try to survive in this crazy world.

Official Trailer: When do we expect it to come?

The official trailer has not arrived at this time. Here is the unofficial trailer for the season. You will soon get to see the official one in a few weeks.

Final Words

This zombie show, loved for its characters and exciting story, is coming back with a fresh and continuation. The fact that they’ve officially announced a second season, along with a cool teaser trailer, has made fans even more excited about what’s going to happen next. Director Lee Jae-kyoo made specific choices in how they made the show, like bringing in new types of zombies, making the story even more interesting.

Currently, we don’t know the exact date for Season 2 yet, the creators are expected to share more details gradually. You can wait for some weeks to know more about the story, and the characters, and maybe even see a trailer that gives a sneak peek of this season.

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