Apple’s $3,499 Vision Pro lacks Find My Location tracking, so don’t lose it.

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Apple's $3,499 Vision Pro lacks Find My Location tracking

Apple’s newly released Vision Pro may be filled with new technology, but it lacks a quite fundamental feature we associate with recent Apple company: Find My location tracking. According to Apple’s help page for the $3,500 headset, turning on the “Find My” function at the Vision Pro will spark off a feature known as Activation Lock.

When a user has Activation Lock grew to become on, their Vision Pro will require their Apple ID and password earlier than they are able to turn off “Find My” or erase tool. The Vision Pro is already locked down through best working with one account, confirmed by means of signing in to the account, which may be done with a nearby iPhone.

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Christian Selig creates YouTube Vision Pro app

A YouTube playback window hovers in the middle of a room. A YouTube playback window hovers in the middle of a room.

Google said it isn’t putting out a YouTube app for Apple’s new Vision Pro headset, so a third-party developer has stepped in to make one an option. Although it’s an unofficial third-party app, Juno supports a maximum of the functions you’d count on out of a local YouTube app.

You can watch videos (obviously), scrub and bypass through them using pinch gestures, and it’ll even respect the motion pictures’ component ratios. Browsing YouTube’s catalog is likewise supported,  and Juno is likewise installed to show YouTube commercials to keep away from making Google “grumpy,” Selig says.

Apple New Vision Pro lacks in finding my Location tracking feature

If you buy a sparkly new Vision Pro, be more careful not to lose it. Unlike the iPhone and lots of different Apple devices, the headset lacks Find My location tracking.

In a new guide record, Apple has shown that a Vision Pro’s area cannot be regarded within the Find My app on some other Apple device or on Of the Find My Location features, the Vision Pro best supports Activation Lock, which ensures that an unofficial user can’t erase or freshly install the headset unless they recognize the proprietor’s Apple ID and password.

While it’s satisfactory to realize that a user can not effortlessly erase your Vision Pro and set it up with their own Apple ID, the incapacity to track its place in the Find My app is a noteworthy omission for a headset that begins at $3,499. It ultimately method that if you erase your Vision Pro, you could be honestly out of luck past filing a police file. Unlike the iPhone, there may be no AppleCare+ user, and another plan is available for the Vision Pro right now.

Why does Vision Pro not have Find My Location tracking?

While many people will mainly use the Vision Pro at home as an enjoyment tool, with a view to greatly reduce the chance of the headset being stolen, Apple does promote the use of the Vision Pro on an aircraft and different settings away from home. The headset may be especially appealing to thieves, given how highly-cost it is.

It’s unclear why the Vision Pro does not guide Find My area tracking. However, the headset missing a built-in battery and GPS could be contributing elements.

Ways to turn on Activation Lock at Apple Vision Pro

  • Open Settings, then choose your name.
  • Select Find My.
  • Select Find My Vision Pro, then switch on Find My.

When you turn on Find My, you defend your Vision Pro with Activation Lock — however, you can’t use another Apple device or the net to find Vision Pro on a map, play a sound to help discover it, activate Lost Mode, or erase it.

How to turn off Activation Lock on Apple Vision Pro

Turn off Find My in Settings, to turn off the Activation Lock,  Or sign from your Apple ID in your Vision Pro. If you do not have access to your Vision Pro, you can turn off the Activation Lock online.

  • Go to
  • Sign in together with your Apple ID, e-mail address, or phone number. Then, enter your password.
  • Select your Vision Pro
  • Select “Remove This Device.”

Before you send your Vision Pro for service, sell it, give it away, or change it in, you need to first turn off the Activation Lock.

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