Aquaman 2 Ending Explained (Easy and Detailed)

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Aquaman 2 Ending Explained

Aquaman 2 Ending Explained: Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is the next part of the Aquaman movie series and is directed by James Wan. This movie finishes the story of Arthur Curry in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Arthur, played by Jason Momoa, faces his strong enemy, Black Manta, who is back for revenge. The movie takes us deep into the world of Atlantis, where Arthur deals with challenges that put the underwater kingdom at risk. It’s not just the end of Arthur’s superhero story, it also introduces new things that will affect Atlantis and how it interacts with the world above the water.

The story focuses on the conflict between Aquaman and Black Manta, revealing a story about revenge, ancient curses, and the desire for power. Black Manta is on a quest to find the Lost Kingdom of Necrus to get revenge on Aquaman and free the spirit of King Kordax. The movie gets complicated as Black Manta tries to break King Atlan’s curse, leading to a big battle between good guys and bad guys.

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While the movie finishes Arthur Curry’s story in the DCEU, it also leaves us wondering about what will happen to Atlantis and how it will connect with the world above water. In this discussion about the ending of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, we’ll talk about the important moments, what happens to the characters, and the themes that make the movie a big conclusion for Jason Momoa’s Aquaman.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Ending is Gem

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom wraps up Arthur Curry’s superhero story in the DC Extended Universe. The movie is all about the big fight between Aquaman and his enemy, Black Manta, who comes back wanting revenge against Arthur. While the story mainly focuses on Aquaman dealing with the Black Manta, it also explores the secrets of the Lost Kingdom of Necrus and the powerful Black Trident.

The main idea of the movie is about Black Manta trying to find the Lost Kingdom. He’s doing this because he wants to get back at Aquaman for something and also because he thinks he can lift a curse put in place by King Atlan. At the beginning of the movie, Manta finds the Black Trident, a really strong thing connected to the curse on the kingdom. The Trident has the spirit of King Kordax, who is Atlan’s brother. Manta believes that if he finds the Lost Kingdom, he can break the curse and get an army to take over Atlantis.

Black Manta’s Vengeful Plan and Aquaman’s Defiance

Black Manta has a complicated plan. He wants to break the curse on Necrus that King Atlan put in place. To do this, he decides to sacrifice Arthur’s son, Arthur Jr. This dark plan depends on the special family connection in Atlantis. Only someone with the blood of Atlan, like Atlanna, Arthur, Orm, or Arthur Jr., can break the curse. Manta plans to kidnap Arthur Jr., which leads to a big fight between Aquaman and the determined bad guy. In the big ending, Aquaman saves his son, and it sets the stage for a tough battle against Black Manta.

The movie reaches its peak when Arthur has a big fight with Black Manta. This showdown decides what will happen to Necrus and the people cursed there. As Manta’s plans fall apart, Kordax’s spirit takes over Orm, who is Aquaman’s half-brother. In the big fight, Orm is stronger than Arthur, and it’s a crucial moment in how the movie ends.

The Defeat of King Kordax and Black Manta’s Fate

In a big twist, Arthur beats Black Manta and keeps his son safe, stopping Manta’s bad plans. But the happy moment doesn’t last because Kordax’s spirit takes over Orm, making him a strong enemy for Aquaman. In a big final fight, Arthur defeats Kordax by using both the Black Trident and King Atlan’s trident. This means the end of Kordax’s evil plans and the resolution of the long fight between them.

After Kordax is defeated, everything becomes chaotic, and Black Manta is almost falling into a crack under the ice. In a surprising move, Arthur tries to help Manta and gives him a chance to make things right. But Manta, without the superpowers from the Black Trident, decides not to take Aquaman’s hand and chooses to fall into the abyss. The movie doesn’t clearly say if Manta is gone for good, leaving his fate uncertain. This makes for a sad ending to the iconic comic book bad guy in the DCEU.

Black Manta’s Unyielding Hatred and the Iron Man Reference

Black Manta chooses not to take Aquaman’s help and falls into the icy crack because of a strong hate that goes back to the first Aquaman movie. In that movie, Arthur did something that led to Manta’s father dying. The promise of revenge that Manta’s dying father made is what keeps Manta mad at Aquaman. By not taking Aquaman’s hand even when he’s in big trouble, it shows how determined Manta is to get back at Aquaman for his father’s death. This makes for a sad and meaningful ending to Manta’s part in the story.

Aquaman 2 Ending Explained

In a funny surprise at the end of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, there’s a reference to Iron Man. When Arthur tells the people above the water about Atlantis, he does it in a cool way, kind of like how Tony Stark did in the Iron Man movie from 2008. In a playful moment, Arthur says, I am Aquaman, throws the microphone, and leaves quickly. This little joke at the end adds some fun to the finish while also giving a nod to other superhero movies.

Atlantis Revealed and Its Impact on the DCEU

In the ending of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, a big part of the story is when Atlantis is shown to the people above the water. The movie looks into the problems in Atlantis because Arthur goes against what the Atlantean council wants by telling everyone about them. This choice to show Atlantis is really important because it changes how the seven kingdoms under the sea connect with the people above the water.

The part in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom where Atlantis is shown to everyone makes us think about what could happen in Aquaman 3. It might have been about how Atlanteans and humans deal with each other. But because there’s going to be a big change in the DC Universe (DCU) in 2024, we’re not sure if these ideas will happen. The ending of the movie shows a world where Atlanteans and humans live together, which is different from what we’re used to. This opens up new possibilities for the story.

Aquaman 2’s Impact on the DCEU and DCU

The last part of the DCEU, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, makes us wonder how it will affect the bigger DC Extended Universe (DCEU) and the next DC Universe (DCU) led by James Gunn. While it finishes Arthur Curry’s story in the DCEU, the ending also brings up ideas that go beyond just what happens in the underwater kingdom.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom pretty much brings the DCEU to an end, getting ready for James Gunn’s DCU. They’re planning to get new actors for all the Justice League members in the DCEU. We’re not exactly sure how Aquaman 2 will affect the DCU, but it seems like what happens at the end of the movie won’t change much in the future of these superhero movies.

Building Bridges and Connections

Even though Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom doesn’t change a lot in the big superhero movie worlds like DCEU and DCU, the ending has a really important theme. The whole story is about bringing people together and making connections. From Arthur making up with Orm to showing Atlantis to the people above the water, the movie says different worlds must work together and be united.

The end of the movie is a bit sad because it doesn’t show what happens after these new connections are made. Still, it’s a good way to finish the Aquaman series in the DCEU. The series is like a bridge between the DCEU and James Gunn’s DCU. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom gives us a strong message about how different worlds can try to understand each other and work together.

Final Words: A Story of Two Brothers and a Hopeful Future

In conclusion, the ending of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom follows Arthur Curry’s superhero story, focusing on the complicated relationship between two brothers, Arthur and Orm. The movie combines action, mythology, and humour to wrap up the Aquaman series in the DCEU. Even though we’re not sure what will happen to Atlantis and how it connects with the world above the water, the movie’s themes and how the characters’ stories end make us feel like things are settled, and we can hope for a better and united future in the big DC movie universe.

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