Australia Minimum Wage March 2024 – Know Average Salary Per Hour For All States

In the case of Koalas and Kangaroos, the minimum wages in Australia will take centre stage again in 2024. This time, the wages do not take the routine adjustments but also promise to reshape the economic landscape and make the engagement between business and workers.

The minimum wages 2024 of Australia marks the vital role in Australia economic condition, and bring opportunity for all. With the minimum wage set at $23.23 per hour, Australian minimum wages showcase dedication to the value of the hard work of citizens. If you want to know about the average minimum wage of March 2024 and salary per hour, then you should read this article.

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Australia Minimum Wages March 2024

Australian minimum wage for March 2024 is set at $23.23 salary per hour and $8882.80 for regular work for a week of 38 hours. It shows an increase of 8.6% in minimum wages. According to the Australian Minimum Wage 2024, the salary of a person under 21 is 15.23 per hour. This minimum pay rate for Australian workers remains the same till 30 June 2024.

Australia Minimum Pay Rate 2024

To know about the minimum pay rates in Australia in March 2024, here is the table you should look

Aspects Details 
Australia Minimum Pay Rate 202422.23 AUD per hour till 30 June 2024
Rate Of Individuals Under 2115.23 AUD per hour
Affected Workers Approximately 2.75 Million
Anticipated Rise940 AUD or 3.5% increase in 2024
Foundation Of ReviewLiving Standard, Stakeholder Feedback and Economic Factors

Australia Minimum Wages 2024 City-wise

There will be a significant increase in Australian minimum wages in 2024. The pay rate increase in Australia varies according to cities. Currently, the Australian minimum wage is set at $23.23 per hour and will remain the same till June 2024. Along with this, the minimum wages vary according to the age and qualifications of workers. Australian pay rates in 2024 vary according to cities.

The minimum wage in Australia for 2024 will continue at a $23.23 per hour pay rate for workers above the age of 21 years. Workers under 21 years old can get a minimum wage of $15.23 per hour in Australia. There are around 2.75 million Australian workers who get this pay rate, and after June 2024, the new minimum wage rates will be announced by the government.

Australia Minimum Wages 2024 Eligibility

To become eligible to get the $23.23 per hour wage rate in Australia, here are the eligibility criteria you should meet

  • First, you should be 21 years old or above to become eligible for this Australian minimum pay rate.
  • Part-time, full time and casual employees are also eligible for the Australian minimum pay rate.
  • To work at the $23.23 Australia minimum wage, a person must have the legal right to work in Australia. For this, they have a citizenship or work visa.
  • There are modern awards that set the Australian minimum wage in 2024 and guarantee that workers are covered under agreement fair compensation.
  • The eligibility for Australia Minimum Wages are also vary according to occupational classification mentioned in contemporary awards.
  • Trainees and apprentices get special consideration, with minimum wages based on the percentage of the adult minimum pay rate.
  • For workers involved in disability-owned businesses, the wages are changed based on productivity evaluations.
  • Laws set by the government on Australian minimum wages in 2024 should be followed by employers to become eligible for this pay rate.
  • The minimum wage in Australia is reviewed and modified by the Fair Work Commission daily to account for living costs and economic situations.
  • Any Australia Minimum Wages 2024 modifications must be done by stakeholder discussions and ensure openness and fairness.

Australia Minimum Wages 2024 increase

In 2024, there are 3.5 significant increases in Australia’s Minimum wages in 2024. The minimum pay rate is expected to be increased by 940AUD. These wages have increased from past wages, but transportation, non-financial, and manufacturing sectors are expected to experience less growth than other sectors. Until June 2024, the Australian minimum wages 2024 are set at $23.23 per hour, which equals $882.80 per week.

The minimum wages vary on various variables, including the worker’s age, employment type, and work capacity. The workers are offered the minimum wages based on Federal Fair Work Commission expert panel fixed rates.


The Australian Minimum Wages 2024 is important for workers who work in Australia or get good pay rates. It also depends on the country’s economic and social policies. For 2024, the Australian minimum wage 2024 is set at $23.23 per hour that workers can get. This pay rate is for those workers who are 21 years old or above.

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