Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement Status, BCBS Settlement Claim Payment Schedule

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement Status

In 2013, a lawsuit started against the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and some other companies, like Blue Plans. These lawsuits stand against was a class action case, which means it was brought by many people, not only by one person. The people who belong to BCBSA said that these companies are playing fairly in the health insurance market. They said that such companies deal with each other and raise the prices in the health insurance market for their own sake.

To eliminate this problem in the health insurance field, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association came up with a settlement program for people. The settlement was done on behalf of companies and people who buy insurance from the company. There are many people who want to invest in insurance and claim the Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement Status. Such people want to know about the BCBS settlement payment claim schedule. If you are also waiting for payment, then you must read this article.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement

The lawsuit filed towards BCBS reached a settlement on 16 October 2020. This settlement was made on behalf of the groups and people who bought coverage from the Blue Cross Blue Shield organization.

The claim status, essential files, key dates, lawsuit information, court orders and notices, follow links, and different relevant records regarding this agreement may be received from the site of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement.

BCBS Settlement Payout Release Date

There are Two Main Settlement times. The primary settlement duration for Insured Groups/Individuals is from 7 February 2008 to 16 October 2020. The second settlement length for Self-Funded Accounts covers the period from 1 September 2015 to 16 October 2020.

Event NameDate
Starting of Class-Action Lawsuit2013
Settlement Agreement16 October 2020
11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals25 October 2021
Deadline For ClaimingNovember 2021
U.S. Supreme Court Additional DeadlineFirst Quarter of 2024
Payout Release DateFebruary 2024

Why is there a BCBS Settlement?

The category representatives claimed that the defendants violated antitrust legal guidelines. In addition, they claimed that the defendants agreed to limit the competition in promoting health insurance and its administrative services. They made an agreement not to compete amongst themselves.

However, the defendants denied all these claims and asserted that their conduct ended in more healthcare access and lower prices. After some time, both events, i.e., defendants and plaintiff, reached an agreement. If authorized, the defendants ought to establish a 2.67 billion dollar fund. Furthermore, the defendants will have to comply with changes in their manner of doing business so that the possibilities for competition grow.

BCBS Settlement Benefits

The elegant participants will obtain bills as part of the agreement. The agreement fund is predicted to be 1.9 billion greenbacks. This settlement fund is the ultimate amount after making deductions, which include management rate, attorneys’ costs, and different costs from the 2.67 billion dollar fund.

Injunctive Relief is one of the  Settlement Classes. It is a manner in which the agencies have agreed to make changes in their way of doing enterprise. For this, a tracking committee could be mounted for five years.

Compensation Amount in BCBS Settlement

The repayment for each individual who filed a declaration in Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement will rely upon different factors. The personal payout relies upon the full range of claimants who filed claims with the aid of the closing date. The particular information of every declaration (including the type of policy, length of insurance, etc.) may play a function in figuring out the person’s repayment amount.

It is predicted that claimants would possibly receive about $333 per claim. However, that is a median discern, and the actual amount can be better or decrease relying on the entire amount of accepted claims. The amount of $333 per claim is not assured. The real amount each claimant gets can range primarily based on the final amount of authorized claims and the specifics of every declaration.

How do you check the Status of your BCBS Claim?

People may use their Unique ID or Claim Number to fast and with no trouble to confirm the status of their claims. The people get unique I’d.

The 10-digit Unique ID code includes each letter and integer. To find out the status of a BCBS settlement,

  • Browse the official BCBS Settlement website:
  • Tap on verify claim status option to check status.
  • Provide the accurate Claim Number or Unique ID and tap on the check status option.
  • You are able to see your claim’s status after inputting your details.

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