CBSE Class 10 Maths Exam 2024: Check 60-Day Strategy To Score Full Marks

By Simran Arora

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CBSE class 10 board exams are approaching fast, and the final 60 days before the exam lead to more stress on students to prepare for it. So, it is important for students to make their proper preparation for the CBSE 10th board math exam. They need to follow a well-structured study plan, use time efficiently, and improve their performance in mathematics exams. This post is written on a 60-day schedule for students before their exams so they can secure higher marks. This 60-day strategic plan helps students get a structured framework, cover the syllabus completely on time, and get ample time for more practice and revision. So, if you are also going to take the 10th maths CBSE board exam, you should follow the 60-day schedule to optimize exam preparation and achieve good marks on your exam.

CBSE Class 10 Maths 60-Day plan

With the CBSE 10 math board exam 60-day strategy, you can make your appropriate study plan and prepare for your exam earlier. It gives you a strategy and well-structured plan and reduces your stress. It helps you to secure the highest marks in your mathematics exam. The 60-day strategy plan properly distributes the exam pattern and syllabus in weeks so the students can easily prepare for their exam accordingly and do enough revision before the exam date. The CBSE class 10 maths 60-day plan not only helps students to be well prepared for their exams but also improves their skills.

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Week 1-4 (Chapter-wise Concept review and practice)

Weekly Schedule

Week 1- Real Numbers, Coordinate Geometry, Triangles

Week 2- Polynomials, Quadratic Equations, Linear Equations in Two Variables, Arithmetic Progressions

Week 3- Circles, Areas Related to Circles, Introduction To Trigonometry, Surface Areas and Volumes

Week 4- Statistics, Probability, and Some Applications of Trigonometry

Day- wise schedule

Monday and Tuesday- Give 3-4 hours per day to understand the concepts you choose

Wednesday and Thursday- Give 1-2 hours per day to solve the NCERT book questions and exercise every chapter.

Friday- Give 1-2 hours on your revision and complete backlog

Saturday and Sunday- Give your 2 hours to solve mock tests and analysis of errors. Find your weak areas and improve accordingly

Week 5-7 ( Practice and Revision)

  • Revise all maths chapters by taking 2 chapters every day
  • Practice with questions bank chapter-wise

Week 6- Practice with question type and find your weak areas

  • Take complete mock tests to improve your exam conditions
  • Solve previous year’s papers
  • Focus on your weak areas to improve performance

Week 7- Manage time

  • Solve additional questions and CBSE sample papers for 2023 and 2024 years
  • Improve your speed and accuracy

Week 8 – Final revision and exam strategy

  • Review your theorems, formulas, and important aspects
  • Take a mock test and analyze it completely
  • Work on maintaining your accuracy and time management
  • Do final revision, solve your doubts, and maintain a level of confidence


This 60-day strategy plan will help you make your maths CBSE 10th exam preparation strong and boost your performance. It decides your success in your exam. So, you should use this 60-day plan for focused and systematic revision of all subjects to build your confidence, enhance your knowledge, and approach exams with a confidence mindset.

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