Chainsaw Man Season 2: Release Window, Updates & Everything You Should Know

Chainsaw Man Season 2 is one of the most awaited anime movies and everyone is waiting to see its return. In the first part, which came out in 2022, we met Denji, a guy trying to pay off his debts by hunting devils. He has a buddy named Pochita who is the devil. Today, we have all the information about the comeback of the series and its relation to its cast, storyline and everything we know so far.

The movie will bring back familiar faces like Kikunosuke Toya as Denji, Tomori Kusunoki as Makima, Shogo Sakata as Aki, and Fairouz Ai as Power. Reina Ueda joins the cast as Reze, an important character. Let us discuss every detail of the new part of the film.

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Latest Updates of Chainsaw Man Season 2

Right now, there is no official word on whether there will be a second part. Viewers are really curious about what is next for the series. Even though the first part was super popular and loved by many for its exciting story and cool characters, there is been no official announcement about a second part yet.

Since there is no solid confirmation about Chainsaw Man Season 2, viewers are guessing about when part 2 might come out and what it might be about. Some think Studio MAPPA, the studio behind the show, could be working on it based on their past projects. Viewers are excited but until there is an official announcement, they’re just waiting to see what happens next with Denji and his friends in the world.

Release Date: When is it coming out?

As of now, there is no exact information for when Chainsaw Man S2 will come out, which has viewers wondering when they will get to see Denji on screen again. According to the latest reports, part 2 might come somewhere in Mid 2024. People are excited for the next part since the previous episodes did so well and the manga is still popular.

Even though there is no official information yet, viewers are still super excited and awaiting any news about returning. Until then, you can just wait for Denji’s exciting world and see what happens next with him and his friends.

Cast: Who will be the actors?

In Chainsaw Man Season 2, we will see some familiar faces from the first one coming back, like Kikunosuke Toya playing Denji and Tomori Kusunoki as Makima. viewers are excited to see these characters again with their unique personalities. Also, Shogo Sakata as Aki and Fairouz Ai as Power is likely to return, keeping the series’ lively cast going strong. viewers and critics loved their performances in the first part, so their return promises to keep the excitement alive in the Chainsaw Man world.

But there is also a new addition to the cast. Reina Ueda will play Reze, an important character in S2. Viewers are curious to see how she will bring this character to life and add new twists to the story. With the talented actors and Studio MAPPA guiding them, viewers can expect some great chemistry and depth in the performances as they dive into the next part of the story.

What do we expect in Chainsaw Man 2?

You will get more of the exciting and dark story that made the first season of Chainsaw Man so popular. Denji and his friends will have new adventures, giving us a chance to learn more about them and the world they live in. With the Reze Arc coming up, we will see Denji’s relationships explored even more and watch him grow as he deals with the challenges of being a devil hunter.

It will also uncover more about the Gun Devil and keep up the mix of action, horror, and deep feelings that viewers love. As Denji faces tough enemies and personal struggles, things are going to get even more intense, making viewers even more excited to see what happens next.


Chainsaw Man Season 2 is ready to keep up the exciting story from the first part, diving even deeper into the mysterious world created by Tatsuki Fujimoto. After what happened in the first part, viewers can expect new adventures and changes for the characters that will keep them hooked. Denji’s journey as a Devil Hunter will get even more interesting, with him facing new challenges and growing as a character, all while dealing with supernatural dangers.

One big storyline viewers are looking forward to in Chainsaw Man Season 2 is the Bomb Girl arc, also called the Reze Arc, from the manga. This part introduces a new character named Reze and explores her connection with Denji, leading to some intense moments. As Denji deals with his new life and all its dangers, the mystery of the Gun Devil and other demons will still be hanging over everything, adding more suspense and thrills. With its mix of action, horror, and deep emotions, it promises to be another exciting ride that viewers won’t want to miss a single moment of.

Final Words

Chainsaw Man has become popular with anime viewers everywhere because of its exciting story, cool characters, and mysterious world. Viewers are super excited to come out, where they will get to see more of Denji’s adventures as a Devil Hunter. There will be new stories, intense fights, and more to learn about the world, so viewers can expect another thrilling ride.

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