Code 8 Part II Review: Brings Electrifying Sci-Fi Action in Netflix Sequel

Code 8 Part II Review
Code 8 Part II Review

Code 8 Part II Movie Review

Code 8: Part II thrusts viewers back into a world where 4% of the population possess superhuman abilities. In this alternate version of Lincoln City, those with powers face oppression from the government and police. The sequel picks up years after the original film, finding electric-powered Connor Reed (Robbie Amell) trying to live a quiet life after serving time in prison. But when a young girl with powers comes into his life, Connor gets drawn back into the dangerous world he tried to leave behind.

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Reprising their roles from the first Code 8 film, Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell anchor Part II with nuanced performances. Robbie Amell brings an earnest determination to his portrayal of Connor Reed. The character tries to do the right thing and protect those in need, despite the risk to himself. Amell delivers on both the physical demands of the role as well as the emotional beats, creating a sympathetic hero to root for.

As Garrett Kelton, Stephen Amell is charismatic yet morally questionable. Always looking out for himself first, Garrett stands in stark contrast to his cousin Connor’s character. Amell plays the shades of grey in Garrett with nuance. His performance keeps the audience guessing as to where the criminal’s loyalties truly lie.

The Amells have an easy chemistry that makes their complicated relationship engaging to watch unfold. Together, they bring humanity and depth to roles that could have easily become one-dimensional in less capable hands.

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New Characters Add Fresh Perspective

While Robbie and Stephen Amell reprise their original roles, Code 8: Part II also introduces compelling new characters that shake up the status quo. 14-year-old Pavani, played excellently by Sirena Gulamgaus, acts as the emotional core of the film. Pavani has powers of her own and becomes a ward for Connor to protect. Gulamgaus gives an understated yet moving performance, capturing the fear and trauma Pavani experiences.

Sergeant Kingston, portrayed menacingly by Alex Mallari Jr., serves as the sequel’s central antagonist. As a high-ranking officer, Kingston ruthlessly abuses his power, providing commentary on police corruption. Mallari Jr. brings an intimidating physical presence paired with a charismatic charm that makes Kingston all the more unsettling.

Action Ramps Up with Improved Effects

Whereas the first Code 8 film framed its story like a heist movie, Part II embraces more of an action-thriller tone. Leaner plotting puts the focus on the exhilarating sci-fi set pieces.

Visually, Part II improves upon the original with slicker effects. The powers wielded by the film’s superhuman characters come across as more believable and relatable this time around. When Connor wields his electrical abilities, the crackling lightning effects look seamless, adding thrills to the fight scenes. The movie also introduces frightening new robotic canine units used by the police to hunt powers, raising the stakes.

Several standout sequences will get viewers’ pulses pumping. An early scene where Connor faces off against the robotic dogs is filled with suspense. A climactic shootout and car chase also deliver adrenaline-fueled excitement. The action provides a burst of energy balanced by the movie’s dramatic character beats.

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Socially Conscious Storytelling Adds Depth

Beneath its sci-fi trappings, Code 8: Part II has thoughtful commentary about real social issues. The movie draws parallels between the oppression of its superpowered characters and the struggles of marginalized groups in the real world. Police discrimination and corruption in the film act as metaphors.

Without feeling preachy, Code 8 makes observations about the abuse of power and the over-policing of minority communities. The sequel tackles these ideas with more nuance than its predecessor. The film’s examination of social issues gives its spectacular action sequences an added bite.

Establishes Franchise Potential

Code 8: Part II improves upon the original in nearly every way. Slick effects and thrilling action combine with emotionally resonant performances to deliver a satisfying viewing experience. The film expands the unique sci-fi world introduced in the first movie and opens up possibilities for more stories to be told.

Code 8 feels like a superhero franchise in the making, just waiting to be fleshed out further. The sequel goes beyond a mere rehash of what came before. With a compelling new status quo established, the groundwork has been laid for more chapters in this electrifying saga. Backed up by the acting chops of the Amell cousins, Code 8 has the human element to match its hi-tech thrills.

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Bold direction and socially relevant themes help elevate Code 8 Part 2 beyond its low-budget roots. The sequel outshines its predecessor across the board, doubling down on the original’s strengths. Led by the Amells’ sympathetic performances, Code 8: Part II charges the franchise up and leaves you eager for the next installment. This exhilarating continuation electrifies with top-notch action and affecting character drama.

Code 8 Part II is now available on Netflix.

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