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Corona Cases In India Today

With the time, Corona cases have been increased in India. Today, the coronavirus cases reached 2,699 in our country. It brings the threat of JN.1 subvariant among people, as the corona patients are first reported in Kerala. The Union Health Ministry discovered many coronavirus cases in Kerala, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. There are 21 new cases of the COVID-19 variant, JN.1, observed in India.

Active Corona Cases today

On the basis of today’s coronavirus cases reports, Kerala has been reported with a total of 292 new cases. 13 new cases were reported in Tamil Nadu Nadu, 11 new cases in Maharashtra, 9 new cases in Karnataka, 4 new cases in Telangana and Puducherry, 3 new cases in Gujarat and Delhi, and 1 new active case in Punjab and Goa, as per the latest data

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JN.1 Sub Variant

JN.1 is sub variant of Covid-19. It emerged in India in late 2023. JN.1 has high resistance across receptor binding domain classes 1,2, and 3 and shows high immune evasion as compared to resistant strains and BA 2.86. According to the World Health Organization, the JN.1 is a variant of interest. In the situation of COVID-19 cases again arising in India, the major question is whether vaccination now will be affected from earlier or not.

As per recent news reports, the Director of Marengo Asia hospitals in Faridabad said that vaccines will not treat the JN.1 infections completely. They only reduce the risk of hospitalization and illness. Some data also come from Singapore, that shows that those who got their last vaccine dose less than one years ago are less prone to the JN.1 variant now.

Latest updates on Corona situation in India  

  • Recently, 2 new deaths have been reported in Karnataka because of covid sub-variant
  • In India, all hospitals are alert amid the increase in cases of COVID-19 today.
  • A 41-year-old tested positive today for COVID sub-variant, JN.1, in the Maharashtra district. No more information is present on that patient.
  • There are 292 new active cases and 3 deaths reported in Kerala
  • The health department of West Bengal continues its surveillance of ILI, influenza-like illness, SARI, and severe acute respiratory infection cases.
  • Delhi government is also on alert to take precautions against Covid cases.
  • A total of 13 active coronavirus cases have been reported in Gujarat, and 19 active cases have been reported in Goa. No active Corona cases have been reported in Odisha till now.

Existing vaccines work to treat JN.1

According to the latest news, Dr Gurmeet Singh Chabbra said that those who got the COVID-19 vaccine more than 1 year ago may experience JN.1 and may need hospitalization. Further, he also said that many vaccines available in India will work against the ancestral variant of COVID-19, SARs- cov-2, and well tested against the omicron variant and prove effective.

What’s about the JN.1 variant? Is there are any vaccines available in India to treat JN.1? According to the World Health Organization, JN.1 was neutralized by serum from humans who experienced COVID-19 and got vaccinated before. Current vaccines available in the country will help people treat JN.1 and reduce the death rate from these variants.

JN.1 symptoms

As the COVID-19 cases rise in India, it is important for people to stay aware of the new COVID variant, JN.1 symptoms. The symptoms are

  • Runny nose
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Sore Throat

The Health Minister reviews the health facilities

Mansukh Mandaviya, a Union health minister, scheduled the meeting with health department representatives and urged the state to monitor the coronavirus cases, detect symptoms and take preventive actions. There is no need to panic, the Health Minister said to the public. Today, the meeting was held with representatives of Health Ministers and senior officials of states of the country. We ensure the preparedness of health facilities in India, he said. In the meeting, all of the states of India expressed their positive outlook for better health facilities implementation.

Further, he also said we need to stay alert, but no need to panic. The Minister has urged officials to make surveillance systems better for the detection of positive coronavirus case samples and tracking people’s health.


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