Cost of Living Australia: Eligibility, Amount, Payment Dates, How to Claim it?

You want to live in Australia and if you are looking for the total cost of living in Australia then you are at the right place today in this Going to give you an estimate over all cost of living in Australia. 

There are two many people so want you to live in Australia and they are looking for the overall and estimated monthly cost to live in Australia so in this article.

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I going to give you the details and the estimated budget to live in Australia so if you are going with your family then overall your monthly cost will be around 4K dollars without rent if you live in right there it can be more according to some reports living in Australia is on every is 0.6% lower than in United State. 

Is it expensive To live in Australia? 

According to some reports, living in Australia with your family roughly costs around 4K dollars to 5K.

Living in Australia can be expensive because it’s a popular place for vacations and has beautiful surroundings. Even though people get some extra money to help, many are still finding it hard to manage their finances because prices keep going up. 

The cost of things like food, travel medical services, and electricity has gone up a lot in the past year.

According to Some reports, some people in Australia don’t have enough money to meet their basic needs and they are living below the poverty line, which means they have very little income. 

The Australian government is giving $1.5 billion to help about 6 million families afford the things they need to live. 

Cost of Living Australia Eligibility 2024

Friends if we talk about the total cost of living in Australia and eligibility criteria to live in Australia then here are some rules you have to follow. Here are the basic things you need to know:

  • You must be a permanent resident of Australia.
  • If you’re from another country and want to live then you need to live in Australia for a long time – at least 10 years. And you need to lived here without leaving for 5 years. 
  • You have to pass two tests to get the help.
  • Widows of Australia can also apply for the benefits. But they should have a minimum history of 104 weeks of living in the country.
  • You must be in the country during the disbursement of the allowance.

To get the benefit, you need to pass two tests:

1. Asset Test

This test checks how much money and valuable things you have. If you don’t own a house, the maximum amount of money and valuable things you can have is $301,750. 

if you’re single and $543,750 if you own a house. For couples who own a house together, the limit is $451,500. If you don’t own a house, the limit is $693,500.

2. Income Test

This test looks at how much money you earn. The maximum amount of money you can earn is $2,937 if you’re single and $3,666 for couples.

Cost of Living Australia Amount 2024

Food$800 (quality groceries, dining out)$500 (quality groceries, occasional dining)$300 (quality groceries, occasional dining)
Transportation$300 (car expenses, public transport)$200 (car expenses, public transport)$150 (public transport, occasional rides)
Utilities$200 (electricity, water, internet)$150 (electricity, water, internet)$100 (electricity, water, internet)
Healthcare$200 (health insurance, medical expenses)$150 (health insurance, medical expenses)$100 (health insurance, occasional check-ups)
Education$200 (school fees, supplies, activities)$0 (no education expenses)$0 (no education expenses)
Entertainment$200 (family outings, hobbies)$150 (date nights, hobbies)$100 (social activities, hobbies)
Clothing$100 (quality clothing, shoes)$100 (quality clothing, shoes)$50 (quality clothing, shoes)
Personal Care$100$50$50 
items$300 (household items, gifts)$200 (household items, gifts)$150 (household items, gifts)
  • If you’re single: You can get a basic payment of $1,002 plus up to $80.10 extra.
  • If you’re a couple living together: You can get a basic payment of $755.70 plus up to $60.40 extra.
  • If you’re a couple living apart: You can get a basic payment of $1,002.50 plus up to $80.10 extra.
  • Everyone can also get an extra amount for energy costs: up to $14.10 for singles and up to $10.60 for couples.

Cost of Living Allowance in Australia

  1. First of all, you will need to Connect your Centrelink account to your bank account on the MyGov website.
  2. When you’re registered with Centrelink, you don’t need to apply again for the allowance.
  3. Now Centrelink You can check if you’re eligible for any upcoming benefits and notify you through your Centrelink account.
  4. You need to have a concession card to get the allowance.
  5. Claim the amount through the DVA online account on MyGov.
  6. Once your accounts are approved or the allowance is deposited, you’ll get a notice about the status of your account.

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