Eric Mays Biography – Early Life, Education

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Eric Mays Biography

Eric Mays was a famous politician and auto worker from America. He was member of flint city council from 2013. He was born on 16 September, 1958, but leave the world and die at age of 65 years old. He leave legacy behind in public after die. He was so respectable person among public, because of his political contributions and commitment to community. His net worth is estimated to be $100 Million that showcase his success outside of politics world.

As Eric Mays was works as the politician, he took many efforts to improve the life of people, and serve his life to community wealth. Keep reading this biography on Eric Mays early life, politics career, net worth, legacy, and many more.

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Who is Eric Mays

Eric Mays was an American autoworker and politician who was born on 16 September 1958. Unfortunately, he died on 24 February 2024 at the age of 65 years old. He represents northwest Flint as a councilor from the first ward of the city. During tenure, he was known as most controversial because of various cases where he was suspended and out from council meetings. He was also popular on social media as a politician.

 Biography of Eric Mays

Eric Mays is a famous figure of Flint City. He served as councilman of the first ward in Flint. He was born on 16 September 1958 and passed away at the age of 65 years. He is famous among people, because of his political career. His height is 5 feet 9 inches, and his weight is around 170lbs. His net worth is estimated to be $100 Million. His sudden demise at 65 was a significant loss to the community. He was well known for his unwavering passion for memorable quotes and political career.

Full NameEric Mays
Date of Birth16 September 1958
BirthplaceFlint, Michigan, United States
Date of Death24 February, 2024 (aged 65)
OccupationsAuto Worker, Politician
SpouseMegan Ritchie
ParentsPastor Louis H. Mays (father) Rosie B. Mays (Mother)

Eric Mays early life and education

Eric Mays is a famous person in American politics, who was born on 16 September 1958 in Flint City. He belongs to a Christian middle-class family. His father name is late Pastor Louis H. Mays, and his mother name is Rosie B. Mays.

He completed his graduation in 1981 from Michigan University. He graduates from political science and pre-law. From that time, he gains interest in politics and start work as black student alliance president and take part in protests against nuclear weapons and apartheid. After his college, he was show interest in labour advocacy with UAW and general motors. Here, he gets experience by handling the cases like racial equality, environmental justice, and police accountability. With his hard work and dedication, he secured the first ward city council seat in 2013. 

In spite of various controversies, he came out as a councilman who is famous because of his memorable quotes and passionate politics. Later, he was married to Megan Ritchie. After he died at 65 years old age, he left a legacy among people in Flint because of his great politics work and serve to the community.

Personal life of Eric Mays

Eric Mays was a famous American politician who was born in 1968 in Flint, Michigan. He was born in a middle-class Christian family. He complete his education from Michigan university and complete his graduation in 1981 with political science and pre law degree. While complete his education, he was work in labor advocacy with UAW and General motors. In 2013, he secured his seat as councilman.

Political Journey of Eric Mays

Eric Mays complete his graduation in political science and aims to enter in politics. He starts participating in political campaigns to make his political career. By securing his seat in Flint City Council in 2013, he marked his victory in politics. During his journey, he also became part of many controversies that resulted in debates and attracted scrutiny for meetings.

In 2014, he ran for seat in Michigan state house of representatives and represents District 34. Unfortunately, he lost his attempt to win a primary election at that time. This is how he faced the struggles in his politics career but later emerged as a successful American politician.

Business career of Eric Mays

Along with the politics, Eric Mays also works in the entrepreneur industry. He is emerge as successful entrepreneur and works in technology, real estate, media, and various sectors. He made investments and created his ventures, which contributed to his net worth of $100 million.

He got success in business world by focus on undervalued assets, reinvest profits, and make the investment portfolio wide. He face many challenges in his life, include $500 fine for false testimony and 90 day prison for controversies, but with his truth and grace, he come out as respected figure in business world.

He is famous because of his philanthropy. He donate his money and time to startups, education and made various efforts for wealth of society. This is the reason why his legacy inspires many business persons to focus on their career.

Eric Mays Net worth

Eric Mays’s net worth is estimated to be $100 Million. Even he lost the money while work as councilman and fall in debt because of various legal issues, and encounters in his political career. But still, he made efforts and raised his funds over $15,000 in Flint City.

Eric Mays Legacy

Eric Mays died at the age of 65 years old and defined a legacy among his supporters. His legacy is defined by controversy during city council tenure, that are marked by criticism and scrutiny, include his prison. Despite this, he advocates for the first ward and focuses on community improvement and infrastructure in Flint, aims to improve the life of residents.

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