Fortnite Class Action Settlement 2024 – Check If You Are Eligible to Claim Refund Out of $245 Million

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Fortnite Class Action Settlement 2024

What is Fortnite class action settlement 2024? The Fortnite Class Action Settlement Refund is a reimbursement program that gives you a refund of $245 million. The Fortnite players who make the in-app purchase are eligible to get the benefits of a settlement refund. The deadline for Fortnite gamers to claim the refund amount is 29 February 2024. The application process to apply for the Fortnite Class Action Settlement refund claim starts on 17 January 2024.

Under Fortnite Class Action Settlement, the refund is part of the action the Federal Trade Commission took against the creators of epic games. If you are also interested in applying for Fortnite Class Action Settlement, you should check the eligibility criteria, last date, payment amount, payment process, and relevant Information given in this article.

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Fortnite Class Action Settlement 2024

According to Information, gamers of Fortnite who have ever made an in-app purchase in the sport might be Fortnite Class Action Settlement 2024 Refund Eligible for a refund of the USD 245 million settlement. This settlement is the end result of legal action taken in opposition to the sport for allegedly unfair in-app purchases and usage of V-Bucks, its digital forex.

A settlement is given to those who made fortnite purchase between January 2017 to september 2022. Kids and adults who purchased purchases in the course of this time become eligible for the Fortnite class action settlement 2024. Many elements, including the number of claims and the settlement amount, will have an effect on how much you would possibly surely get hold of from the settlement, but eligible gamers could count on receiving $245 from their financial institution for the V-Bucks transaction.

Fortnite Class Action Settlement Details

Game NameFortnite
DevelopersEpic Games
Last date29 February, 2024
Official Website

Eligibility Criteria for Fortnite Refund

The eligibility standards for the Fortnite Refund are particular and tied to the circumstances specified by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in their case against Epic Games. These criteria decide who can apply for and get hold of a reimbursement from the $245 million settlement fund.

Charged for Unwanted In-Game Items

  • Time: Jan 2017 to Sep 2022.
  • Condition: Players are charged in-game for items they did not intend to purchase. This includes situations where players could have been misled by using the sport’s design into making unintended purchases.

Unauthorized Credit Card Payment with the aid of Minors

  • Time: January 2017 to November 2018.
  • Condition: If a child (below 18) used a discern’s or parent’s credit score card to make unauthorized purchases in Fortnite. This criterion is specifically big given the COPPA violations.

Account Locks Due to Disputed Payment

  • Time: January 2017 to September 2022.
  • Condition: Players whose bills had been locked or limited via Epic Games due to disputing wrongful or unauthorized payment with their credit card groups. This addresses the punitive moves Epic Games took in opposition to customers who contested costs.

Additional Details

  • Geographical Limitation: Only gamers in the United States can get claims for reimbursement. This is because of the FTC’s jurisdiction and the individual of the felony settlement.
  • Notification through the FTC: The FTC has proactively contacted potential claimants. They have emailed about 37 million of those who might be eligible, supplying them with personal claim ID numbers. However, no longer receiving an email does now not necessarily disqualify a person from applying.

Fortnite Refund Amount, Last Date, and Payment Process

Refund Amount

  • Uncertain Amount: The exact amount each claimant will receive has not been decided.
  • Dependent on Claim Volume: The general payout in line with individual depends on the number of people who file claims. The number might be considerable, with the FTC identifying 37 million capacity claimants.
  • Variable Distribution: The $245 million fund will be distributed to the various claimants, so the more individuals who apply, the smaller every refund might be.

Last Application Date

  • Final Date: The last date to apply for a  Fortnite class action settlement refund is 29 February 2024.
  • No Extensions Indicated: It’s critical to apply earlier than this date as there’s no indication of an extension.
  • Timely Submission: Submitting your declaration as early as possible is suggested to keep away from any last-minute hassles

Payment Process

  • Two Options: The beneficiaries can receive their refund with the aid of a check or via PayPal.
    • Check: If you decide upon a physical test, it’ll be mailed to the cop with a refund.
    • PayPal: For a quicker and more direct process, you can opt for a PayPal transfer.
  • Selection During the Claim Process: You’ll be requested to choose your selected payment process while you fill out the declaration form.
  • Accurate Information Required: Ensure that your mailing deal with PayPal facts is accurate to avoid delays or headaches in receiving your refund.

How to claim $245 refund

  • You must recognize that you are Fortnite Class Action Settlement 2024 Refund Eligible.
  • Find your Epic account ID, which you can locate on the Epic Games website, or your claim ID, which the FTC issued to you via email.
  • Visit the respectable internet site created especially for this way: FTC v. Epic Games Refund.
  • Find the Fortnite Class Action Settlement $245 Million Claim Form 2024 on the website and get access to it.
  • Fill the form with all important data about your Fortnite account, and personal records may fall under it.
  • You can find your account ID at the Epic Games internet site when you no longer get an email with a claim ID.
  • In order to fill out the claim form, you want to be at least 18. The claim form needs to be filled in on your behalf by a discerning or criminal guardian in case you are below the age of 18.

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