Indian Passport Holders: Two country has approved visa free entry for India

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Indian PASSPORT Holders

Indian Passport Holders: The list of countries allowing visa-free entry for Indians continues to expand. Now, these two nations have also granted visa-free access to Indians. In other words, Indians can now travel to Kenya and Iran with their passports.

The count of countries offering visa-free entry for Indians is on the rise. Recently, Malaysia and Thailand have also joined this list.

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Now Kenya gives visa free entry to Indians

Kenyan President William Ruto has declared that, starting from January 2024, foreign tourists will not need a visa to enter the country. Iran has similarly eliminated the visa requirement for travelers from 33 countries, including India.

President Ruto emphasized the role of online platforms in streamlining the visa process, making it more efficient and time-saving than before. This is expected to contribute to the enhancement of tourism and international relations.


Currently These countries are giving visa free entry to Indians

Iran is set to eliminate visa requirements for travellers from 33 countries, including India, with the aim of boosting tourism and attracting a more diverse range of visitors. This move follows recent decisions by Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Malaysia to grant visa-free entry to Indians.

According to the 2023 Passport Index by Henley & Partners, Indian passport holders can now travel to 57 countries without facing visa issues. This list includes countries offering visa-free travel, visa-on-arrival services, and electronic travel authorization.

The positive developments signify a growing trend in facilitating international travel for Indian citizens and enhancing global mobility. Such measures are expected to contribute to improved tourism, fostering stronger international relations and cultural exchanges.

Unlocking Tourism: The Appeal of Visa-Free Access for Travellers

The government aims to expedite the admission process by utilizing the recently developed digital platform. Kenya relies heavily on tourism, renowned for its diverse landscapes and rich culture. By removing the visa requirement, the government aspires to draw in a greater number of foreign tourists.

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