Inspector Rishi Review: A Gripping Supernatural Thriller

Inspector Rishi Review: The latest offering from Prime Video, Inspector Rishi, is a gripping supernatural thriller that keeps you hooked from start to finish. Set against the backdrop of the lush Thaenkaadu forest in Tamil Nadu, the series follows the investigation of a series of mysterious murders, where the victims are found cocooned in giant spider webs on trees.

Inspector Rishi Review
Inspector Rishi Review

Released on Amazon Prime Video, this 10-episode series follows Crime Branch Inspector Rishi Nandhan, alongside sub-inspectors Ayyanar Murthy and Chitra Lokesh, as they delve into a string of serial murders haunting the forests and surrounding villages.

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What begins as a conventional investigation takes a supernatural turn, piquing the interest of both crime and horror aficionados.

Series:Inspector Rishi
Director:Nandhini JS
Cast:Naveen Chandra,
Kanna Ravi,
Elango Kumaravel,
Srikrishna Dayal,
Malini Jeevarathnam
Runtime:40-60 minutes

Inspector Rishi Review

Crime Branch Inspector Rishi Nandhan, played by Naveen Chandra, is tasked with unravelling the perplexing case, aided by sub-inspectors Ayyanar Murthy (Kanna Ravi) and Chitra Lokesh (Malini Jeevaratnam).

As the investigation progresses, they encounter a local legend of a forest spirit called Vanaratchi, believed to be responsible for the killings. Rishi, a rational thinker, dismisses the supernatural angle, but the evidence gradually challenges his skepticism.

The series strikes a delicate balance between the supernatural elements and the personal lives of the characters. While the central mystery keeps you on the edge of your seat, the writers skillfully weave in the personal arcs of Rishi, Ayyanar, and Chitra, adding depth and emotional resonance to the narrative.

Ayyanar’s strained relationship with his estranged wife and Chitra’s struggles as a queer woman facing societal prejudice are explored with sensitivity and nuance. These subplots enhance the characters’ relatability and make their journeys all the more compelling.

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Atmospheric Horror

Inspector Rishi excels in creating an atmospheric sense of dread and suspense. Rather than relying on cheap jump scares or gratuitous violence, the series builds tension through its eerie setting, haunting imagery, and the ever-present threat of the enigmatic Vanaratchi.

The portrayal of the forest spirit is particularly effective, with glimpses of its presence leaving you unsettled and questioning the line between reality and legend. The visual effects, while not groundbreaking, are used judiciously to enhance the supernatural elements without overwhelming the narrative.

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Inspector Rishi Series Performances

Inspector Rishi cast deserves praise for their strong performances. Naveen Chandra anchors the show with his portrayal of the determined and pragmatic Rishi, while Kanna Ravi and Malini Jeevaratnam shine in their respective roles.

The supporting cast, including Sunainaa as forest officer Kathy and Elango Kumaravel as forester Irfan, deliver convincing performances that contribute to the overall authenticity of the series.

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Environmental Awareness

Beyond the supernatural thrills, Inspector Rishi also touches upon the important issue of environmental conservation. The series highlights the ongoing battle against poaching, illegal logging, and the encroachment of human activities on natural habitats.

Through the characters of Sathya and Irfan, the show raises awareness about the need to protect fragile ecosystems and respect the delicate balance between humans and nature. This environmental message is woven seamlessly into the narrative, adding an extra layer of relevance to the story.

Inspector Rishi Series Rating: 3/5

Inspector Rishi is a captivating series that keeps you engaged from start to finish. With its well-crafted mystery, atmospheric horror, and compelling character arcs, it offers a fresh take on the supernatural thriller genre. The attention to detail in world-building, production values, and performances elevates the series above its formulaic counterparts.

While the series may not reinvent the wheel in terms of plot twists or genre conventions, it succeeds in delivering a thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking viewing experience. If you’re a fan of investigative thrillers with a supernatural twist, Inspector Rishi is a must-watch that will keep you guessing until the very end.

The Inspector Rishi Series is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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