Jeff Bezos Net Worth in 2024, Biography, Height, Career, Current Relationship

Who is Jeff Bezos? Jeff Bezos is the famous American entrepreneur and founder of He founded in 1994. He has also been CEO of this company for 27 years, but in 2021, she stepped down from this role and started working on the post of executive chairman.

IN 2018, Jeff announced the creation of Bezos day one fund. This fund helps the non profit organizations to supports the families, who don’t have home and create the Montessori preschools in undeserved communities. Jeff Bezos donate the $2 billion to begin the fund. He also donates to other causes, like education for children, cancer research and climate change. In this way, we can see he does good deeds in his life. To know more about Jeff Bezos, you should read his biography given below.

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Who is Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos was born on 12 January 1964 in New Mexico. He is an American technology entrepreneur and founder of Amazon company. He is works in the one of successful and largest companies in world. He was raised in Houston, Texas. He is also the owner of Blue Origin Company, which is a space exploration company.

NameJeff Bezos
Net Worth19,400 crore USD
Date of Birth12 January, 1964
Age60 year old
Height1.7 m (5 8′)

Biography of Jeff Bezos

 Jeff Bezos is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor. He is also well known as the founder and CEO of a famous company He was born in New Mexico in 1964. If we talk about his education, he complete his graduation in 1986 from Princeton university and get his degree in computer science and electrical engineering.

During the time of his graduation, Jeff Bezos gain the experience in technology and able to later work in technology companies. In 1990, he gains the impressive feat of become the youngest vice president at D.E.Shaw investment company. It was time when he get groundbreaking idea for online bookstore, and gains potential to make his career in internet world.

Personal life of Jeff Bezos

In 1986, Jeff complete his graduation. He complete his bachelor degree in computer science and electrical engineering. When he was in high school, he worked at Mc Donald and sell cooked food in breakfast shift. After he done his graduation in 1986, he get job offers from bell labs, intel, and Anderson consulting.

He worked at one of the popular financial telecommunication companies, fitel. Then, he move to DE show company, where he met Mackenzie, and fall in love with her. In 1994, they both are decided to starts amazon in start garage.

Relationship Status of Jeff Bezos

If we talk about the relationship of Jeff Bezos, the name Mackenzie comes. Jeff met with Mackenzie and fell in love with her. Then, they were married in 1993. They both have 4 children together. There are 1 adopted children from china and 3 their biological children. Their marriage are last for 25 years, but they separate in 2019.

The divorce settlement between Mackenzie scott and Jeff Bezos are done in 2019 was notable for their size. Mackenzie Scott got a 4% stake in Amazon, which was valued at $36 billion at the time. Jeff has been in relationship with Lauran sanchez, after divorced from Mackenzie. Lauran is the former news anchor and helicopter pilot who dated Jeff Bezos. But their relationship are also not work and they separate.

Career of Jeff Bezos

Once the Jeff Bezos complete his studies, he starts working on computer science field in wall street. Then, he decide to make his international business network for fitel company. Then, he joined another computer science company, D.E. Shaw. He is also the owner of the Washington Post, where he gives his dedication and hard work. The parents of Jeff Bezos have their own garage, where he decided to open his company, Amazon. Com. From there, his entrepreneur journey starts. Before the establishment of Amazon firm, in 1994, Jeff Bezos traveled to various countries from new York to seattle.

Jeff Bezos Net worth

The net worth of Jeff Bezos in 2024 is estimated to be 19,400 crores USD. He is considered the third wealthiest person in the world, according to his net worth. In 194, he found the, that was originally a bookstore earlier. Then, he made huge efforts and give dedication to grow amazon company, and make it largest online sales company. He has the largest Internet company by revenue.

He is known as the largest provider of virtual assistants and provides cloud infrastructure services through the Amazon web services branch. He is also a co-founder of Blue Origin company. There, he works as an aerospace manufacturer.


Jeff Bezos is the one of most richest person in world, whose net worth is estimated to be 19, 400 crores USD. His wealth are comes from his company, amazon, and ownership of Washington post and blue origin and from other investments in companies. In spite of his great wealth, he keeps his personal life away from the public, and does not tells more about his wealth, as other billionaires. 

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