Lincare Settlement Claim 2024 – Know How To File, Eligibility, & Payment Dates

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Lincare Settlement Claim 2024

Lincare Holdings Inc., a well-known healthcare company, faced some legal data breach issues in September 2021. It alerts the data security issues. At that time, the Lincare company was accused of not protecting the health and personal information of its clients.

During the data breach, the unauthorized person got into the system and exposed the names, birth dates, personal addresses, health insurance details, medical treatments, etc of people. The issues also disclose the social security numbers of people. Against it, the lawsuit has filled in the United States district court under the 8:22-cv-1472-TPB-AAS case number.

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Lincare Settlement Claim 2024

Lincare Holdings Inc. (referred to as the “Defendant”) is dealing with a class action settlement in the District Court for the Middle District of Florida. As a result of this felony movement, a settlement settlement has been established to compensate recipients who have suffered from identity theft and have incurred Out-of-pocket losses and time wastage.

 If the recipients have claimed the California Settlement in 2024, they will acquire the Lincare Settlement Claim 2024 in the same year. The eligible candidate must declare the form on the official website before 15th April 2024 to obtain the settlement amount for the damage precipitated and loss they faced.

Scheme NameLincare Settlement Claim
Organized byLincare Holdings Inc.,
Lincare Settlement Claim Deadline 202415th April, 2024
Lincare Settlement Claim Amount 2024$7.25 Million

Background of the Lincare Settlement

Lincare, an organization that specializes in home respiration services, confronted prison scrutiny for alleged deceptive advertising and marketing, overbilling, and incorrect Medicare billing practices. To cope with these problems, Lincare entered into a settlement settlement, establishing a fund to compensate affected people.

The Lincare settlement claim form affords a way for affected individuals to seek redress for data breach enterprise practices.

Benefits of Lincare Settlement Claim 2024

The following benefits, outlined in the Settlement Settlement, necessitate claims through this form.

  • Medical Shield: Offers safety against identification robbery and monitors medical facts.
  • Expenses reimbursement are not attribute directly to event
  • Remittance for Verified Lost Time: Devoted to resolving incident-related troubles.
  • Reimbursement for Specific Statutory Demands: Made via Settlement Class Members who had been California residents for the duration of the Incident.

Lincare Settlement Claim Dates 2024

EventsClaim Dates
Opt-Out Deadline14th March, 2024
Objection Deadline14th March, 2024
Claims Deadline15th April, 2024
Final Approval Hearing12th June, 2024

Lincare Settlement Claim Amount 2024

ClassClaim Amount
Recipients With Medical protection like ID Theft Insurance$7.5 Million
Recipients who faced Out of Pocket Losses because of the “Incident”$5000
Recipients who lost time in which they might have worked due to the “Incident.”$20 per hour
Recipients who declare more California Settlement$90

Final Hearing of Lincare Settlement Claim

On 12th June, 2024, a Final Approval Hearing can be held at the Sam Gibbons United States Federal Courthouse in Tampa, Florida. During this hearing, the Court will bear in mind whether or not the cautioned Settlement is honest, affordable, and ok for the Settlement Class. Plus, the Court will deal with programs for reimbursement with the aid of Class Counsel and recall any objections or arguments related to the Settlement’s equity.

Lincare Settlement Claim Eligibility 2024

Recipients who desire to claim for the suit need to satisfy the Lincare Settlement Claim Eligibility 2024 given below

  • Recipients need to be the consumer of Lincare.
  • You who’ve suffered financial losses due to commercial enterprise practices or accidents.
  • Recipients who have submitted legitimate claims earlier than 15th April 2024.
  • Recipients who’ve important documents that are in addition given in the article.

Documents Required of Lincare Settlement Claim

Once the Recipients qualify for the Claim, they should want some documents for Lincare Settlement Claim Form 2024 that are given below.

  • Class Member ID
  • Billing Statements
  • Bank Transfers

Lincare Settlement Claims Form

This Claim Form is meant to apply for blessings underneath the Settlement with Lincare Holdings for claims regarding the alleged unauthorized disclosure of protected health data and personally identifiable facts. You must provide the statistics requested in this Claim Form for every applicable Claim to receive a price as a part of this Settlement. According to the Settlement Settlement, programs for the following benefits must be submitted using this.

  • Medical Shield protects against identity theft and medical records monitoring.
  • Reimbursement for prices not without delay associated with the event. Remittance for documented lost time spent resolving incident-related troubles.
  • Reimbursement for specific statutory needs was made through Settlement Class Members who lived in California at some point during the Incident.

Apply online for Lincare settlement claim

Recipients, after gratifying eligibility standards, need to Apply for Online Lincare Settlement Claim 2024 from the portal by following the steps given below.

  • Firstly, the Recipients want to go to the official site of the Lincare Settlement Claim,, to assert the settlement amount.
  • Next undergo all the essential instructions given in the Settlement settlement uploaded at the homepage of the website.
  • Tap on tab that shows, Click here to file claim in settlement.
  • Login page show in front of you.
  • Now, Recipients need to enter their Class Member ID, which they may get hold of on the notice given to them if they may be eligible.
  • The declare form will appear in front of the recipients in which they’re required to fill in personal data like their name, gender, date of start, and so forth, and in element data about the kind of damages confronted with the aid of the recipients, term whilst the recipients in which the customer of Lincare Holdings Inc.
  • Next, the recipients might be required to post a few documents
  • After filing the documents and rechecking the facts entered by recipients, they may be required to click on the submit button.
  • Here, the declaration form has been submitted, and then the recipients need to watch for the approval of the claim form from the declared administrator.
  • Once the declared administrator approves the form, inquiries associated with the harm are distinctly given in the form.
  • Finally, after all the required processes are done, the recipients will get the Settlement cash on the date to be able to be announced on the site.

How to Claim Lincare Settlement?

To claim the amount under the Lincare Settlement, here are the steps you should follow

  • Obtain the Lincare settlement declaration form from the internet site or the helpline.
  • Review the commands provided for the correct final touch.
  • Fill out the declaration form with unique details about risks, Lincare settlement time, and different required facts.
  • Gather helping documents (e.g., billing statements or receipts) to bolster the declaration.
  • Submit the completed form and supporting documents on the specified closing date.
  • Await the claims administrator’s evaluation, be organized for possible inquiries, and ensure compliance with all eligibility standards and techniques for a successful claim.

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