Merry Christmas Box Office Collection Day 1, Worldwide Earning, [Hit or Flop]

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Merry Christmas Box Office Collection: The movie Merry Christmas, directed by Sriram Raghavan, is now in theatres as of January 12, 2024. It’s a thriller that people around the world have been looking forward to. The cast includes popular actors like Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi, who are working together for the first time.

Experts predicted that the movie might have a unique and different story compared to other movies, which could make it stand out. However, the initial estimates suggest that it might not have a huge opening at the box office. It is expected that it will earn around Rs 2 crores on the first day in India. If this prediction comes true, it would be less than Katrina Kaif movies usually earn.

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Merry Christmas Box Office Collection

DayBox Office Collection
Day 1 (Friday)2 Crores INR
Day 2 (Saturday)Wait
Day 3 (Sunday)Wait
Total Collection Till Now2 Crores INR

This movie is crucial because it’s the first big release of 2024, and it has the challenge of trying to break the trend of movies not doing well at the box office in recent years, except for a few exceptions like Uri: The Surgical Strike and Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior. It’ll be interesting to see how Merry Christmas performs and how people react to it.

Merry Christmas had a strong start at the box office, making around Rs 2 crores on its first day in India. Even though people thought it might not do so well at the beginning, the movie proved them wrong and did better than expected. This successful start is important because it puts Merry Christmas in a good position among other movies. The fact that it exceeded predictions and had a solid opening suggests that it might continue to do well in the future.

What’s even better is that early reviews for Merry Christmas are positive, both from critics and the audience. This good feedback, combined with people recommending the movie to others, is a good sign that the movie could have a successful run at the box office. The movie has a great story, and fantastic acting, and people who watched it early really liked it. So, it looks like Merry Christmas has a bright future ahead. Experts who study the movie business are hopeful that the strong start is a good sign, bringing some optimism for the first big movie release of 2024.

Merry Christmas Day 1 Box Office Collection

Merry Christmas had a strong start at the box office on its first day, earning around Rs 2 crores in India. This exceeded what experts expected, making it a noteworthy beginning for the much-anticipated thriller. Even though some people thought the movie might not start well, it proved them wrong, highlighting the chemistry between the lead actors Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi, which the audience liked.

While the opening earnings may not be as high as some blockbuster movies, Merry Christmas is still seen as an important addition to the early releases in the Hindi film industry for 2024. The movie’s success at the box office, along with positive reviews and audience reactions, sets the stage for potential growth in the upcoming days. Being the first big release of the year gives Merry Christmas an advantage, and with good word-of-mouth, it has the potential to attract more viewers and become a notable success in the weeks ahead.

Merry Christmas Movie Day 1 Theatrical Occupancy

On its first day in cinemas, Merry Christmas not only did well at the box office but also had a good number of people attending the screenings. The film attracted a significant audience, creating a positive vibe in movie theatres nationwide. Despite early predictions of a slow start, the strong turnout on the first day shows that people were eager to see the unique partnership between Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi, under the direction of Sriram Raghavan.

The high attendance in theatres is proof that the film captured the audience’s interest and went beyond initial expectations. The positive feedback from viewers, along with the good box office results, suggests that Merry Christmas successfully brought people to the theatres, giving them an engaging cinematic experience. This promising beginning sets the stage for possible growth in audience turnout in the upcoming days, as positive reviews and people recommending the movie contribute to its overall success in theatres.

Merry Christmas Hit or Flop Verdict

As of now, it’s hard to say for sure whether Merry Christmas will be a hit or a flop because we don’t have enough data from its early box office performance. However, considering it earned around Rs 2 crores on the opening day and has received positive reviews and good feedback from the audience, things look promising. The strong start at the box office suggests that people are enjoying the movie more than experts initially thought, creating a positive buzz in the industry.

The film was reportedly made with a budget of about Rs 60 crores, covering both Tamil and Hindi versions. While it’s too early to call the movie a definite hit, the positive signs from its opening day and expectations of ongoing success in the following weeks position Merry Christmas as a potential box-office winner. The key will be for the film to maintain its momentum and continue to benefit from positive word-of-mouth to determine its final success at the box office.

Merry Christmas Movie Review in Brief

After a special screening, Merry Christmas got a mixed but mostly positive response from both famous people and movie critics. The film stars Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi, and people liked their great acting and the exciting story. Before it came out, experts thought it might not do well at the box office, predicting around Rs 2 crores on the first day in India. But despite these guesses, the good reviews and feedback from the audience suggest that the movie is heading in a positive direction in the upcoming days.

People are talking about the chemistry between Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi on-screen. There’s also a nice moment at a screening event where Vijay Sethupathi showed respect by keeping a polite distance while taking pictures with Katrina Kaif. This kind gesture has made him known for being one of the most down-to-earth people in the industry. As more reviews come out and people tell their friends about the movie, Merry Christmas could keep up its positive vibe and excitement, which might help it do well at the box office in the weeks to come.

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