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MP Board Class 10 Maths Model Paper

MPBSE, Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education, has released the resource for Class 10th and Class 12th students to help them prepare for their final exams. This academic year is near the end, and the MP board has released the latest exam schedule for students so they can perform well in their intermediate and final examinations in 2024. It is high time for students to start revision. The MP Board class 10 Model paper 2024 released is for all subjects.

If you want to look at the MP Board class 10th maths model paper 2024 and get an idea of how important sums will appear in your final examination, then here is a post for you. We provide you the link below to download the MP Board class 10 math model paper 2024 pdf and save it in your system to prepare anytime. It is free for students to download the pdf of the math model paper 2024.

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MP Board Class 10th Math Model Paper 2024

The MPBSE Board has launched the maths model papers 2024 for all the most important topics of Class 10. The maths model paper includes the important questions that students practice multiple times to reduce the chance of errors in their final examinations. In the MP Board Class 10th sample papers, you may discover various information about maths examination papers, like the number of questions, instructions, marks allotted to different questions, time limit, etc.  

Importance of MP Board Sample Papers

The model question papers provide great help to students and help them in preparing for their final assessments. These model papers offer diverse advantages as follows as

  • Introduce students to the latest year exam pattern
  • The questions given in the Model Papers 2024 help college students practice and revise well
  • Improving time management capabilities is one of the benefits students gain via fixing model papers
  • Solving pattern troubles improves self-belief in students by introducing them to a new style of questions

Important Instructions

  • All questions are compulsory  
  • Question numbers 1 to 5 are objective-type questions.
  • Internal options are given in paper from questions 6 to 23.

MP Board Class 10 Maths model paper 2024

Total no of questions- 23

Total time- 3 hours

Marks- 75 marks

1. Choose the right option and write it

i) HCF ( 91,21) is

  a) 21

  b) 91

  c) 13

  d) 7

ii) The pair of equation βˆ’3π‘₯ βˆ’ 6𝑦 + 1 = 0 and π‘₯ + 2𝑦 + 5 = 0 has

(π‘Ž) Unique Solution 

(𝑏) Infinitely many solutions 

(𝑐) has no solution

(𝑑) two Solution

 (𝑖𝑖𝑖) The discriminant of the π‘₯2 βˆ’ 4π‘₯ + 4 = 0 quadratic equation is-

(π‘Ž) 4 

(𝑏) 2

(𝑐) 0 

(𝑑) 1 

(𝑖𝑣) The Sum of the zeros of π‘Žπ‘₯2 + 𝑏π‘₯ + 𝑐 quadratic Polynomial will be

(π‘Ž) b/a

(𝑏) a/b

(𝑐) -b/a

(𝑑) -c/a 

(𝑣) The distance between the points (0, 5) and (βˆ’5, 0) is-

(π‘Ž) 5 

(𝑏) 5√2

(𝑐) 2√5 

(𝑑) 2

(𝑣𝑖) Number of tangents drawn on circle

(π‘Ž) 1 

(𝑏) 2 

(𝑐) 3 

(𝑑) 0

 2. Fill in the blanks

i) The 10th term of 𝐴. 𝑃. 5,10,15 … is…………….

ii) All …………… Triangles are similar.

iii) Formula of  circle area have radius π‘Ÿ is ………………. 

iv) Shridharacharya derived a formula called ………………

(𝑣) The Probability of event is………..

vi) ……… Zeros will be in a cubic polynomial.

You can get the complete maths model paper 2024 by visiting the official site of the MP Board:

Maths exam Pattern 2023-24

  • Questions number 1 to 5 could be 30 multiple choice questions of 1 mark each
  • Que 1 – Choose the suitable option, 6 questions
  • Que 2 – Fill in blanks, 6 questions
  • Que 3 – True False, 6 questions
  • Que 4 – Match the following, 6 questions
  • Que 5 – One line solution, 6 questions
  • Question number 6 to 17 could have a complete of 12 questions, 2 marks each.
  • Question number 18 to 20 could have a complete of 3 questions, 3 marks each.
  • Question range 21 to 23 will have a complete of 3 questions, 4 marks each.

How do you download the MP Board Math Model Paper 2023-24?

You can download the MP Board Model Paper by following the given commands

  • For MP Board Model Paper, visit the official portal of MP Board,
  • At the homepage, access to the option ‘MP Board Model Paper’ and tap on it
  • Select the Maths subject to download the math model paper from those performing on the MP Board site.
  • Now open the subject for which you want to download the model paper.
  • MP Board Model Paper could be downloaded and then opened.

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