Mukesh Ambani Net Worth, Biography Age, Earning Salary

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Mukesh Ambani Net Worth

Mukesh Ambani is a very rich and successful businessman from India. He is known for being the chairman of a big company called Reliance Industries Limited. Mukesh Ambani is one of the richest people in the whole world. He works hard and has achieved a lot in his life.

Today in this article i am going to tell you all about the legend Mukesh Amabani like Mukesh Ambani’s Net Worth 2024 Salary, Net Worth in Rupees (INR), and Income all about him. Mukesh Ambani is a famous person in India who has done many big things in business. He is the boss of a big company called Reliance Industries. 

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This company does many different things like making phones, selling clothes, and producing energy. Mukesh Ambani is very rich and has a lot of money. He is also very smart and works hard to make his company successful. Many people look up to him because he has achieved so much in his life.

Mukesh Ambani Biography Birth, Early Life

Mukesh Ambani BiographyDetails
Full NameMukesh Dhirubhai Ambani
Date of BirthApril 19, 1957
Place of BirthAden, Yemen
OccupationBusinessman, Chairman and MD of Reliance Industries
EducationDegree in Chemical Engineering (University of Mumbai)Attended Stanford University (dropped out)
FamilyWife: Nita AmbaniChildren: Akash Ambani, Isha Ambani, Anant Ambani
ParentFather: Dhirubhai Ambani
ComanyReliance Industries, Reliance Jio

Mukesh Ambani is a very important businessman in India. He was born on April 19, 1957, in Yemen. His father is Dhirubhai Ambani, started a big company called Reliance Industries, and Mukesh Ambani joined it when he was young.

He went to school in Mumbai and later studied Chemical Engineering. He left his studies in the USA to help his father with the family business. After his father passed away, Mukesh Ambani became the head of Reliance Industries. Under his leadership, the company grew a lot. He made Reliance Industries very successful in different areas like oil, petrochemicals, telecommunications and retail.

One of his biggest achievements is starting Reliance Jio, a telecom company that made internet data very affordable for people in India. Apart from business, Ambani is also known for helping others through charity. He gives money to education, healthcare, and rural development projects.

Mukesh Ambani is very rich and famous. He is married to Nita Ambani, and they have three children. His life story teaches us that with hard work and dedication, we can achieve great things.

Mukesh Ambani Birth, Early Life, and Family

Mukesh Ambani was born on April 19, 1957, in a place called Aden, which is now a part of Yemen. His parents are Dhirubhai Ambani and Kokilaben Ambani. He has a younger brother named Anil Ambani and two sisters, Nina Bhadrashyam Kothari and Dipti Dattaraj Salgaocar.

When Mukesh was very young, his family moved back to India from Yemen. His father, Dhirubhai Ambani, started a business trading spices and textiles.

In the beginning, the Ambani family didn’t have much money. They lived in a small two-bedroom apartment in Mumbai’s Bhuleshwar area. But as time passed and their business grew, they were able to move to a bigger place. And Dhirubhai Ambani bought a tall building called ‘Sea Wind’ in Colaba.

Mukesh Ambani Personal Life

Mukesh Ambani got married to Nita Ambani in the year 1985. They have two sons named Anant Ambani and Akash Ambani, and a daughter named Isha Ambani. Interestingly, Mukesh Ambani’s father, Dhirubhai Ambani, arranged their marriage after seeing Nita perform in a dance show.

The Ambani family lives in a very tall and luxurious building called Antilia. It’s a private apartment with 27 floors and is worth a lot of money, around $1 billion USD, they have about 600 staff members to help with maintenance. Can you believe it?

Antilia is so fancy that it has three helipads for helicopters to land, a huge garage that can fit 160 cars, a private movie theater, a swimming pool, and even a fitness center. It’s like a mini-city inside a building!

Mukesh Ambani also has some interesting favorites. His favourite food is Idli Sambhar, a delicious South Indian dish. And he has a favorite restaurant called Mysore Cafe in Mumbai. He used to go there a lot when he was in college.

Mukesh Ambani Education

Mukesh Ambani went to Hill Grange High School in Mumbai for his high school studies, and he attended the same school as his younger brother, Anil Ambani. After completing high school, he joined St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai to finish his senior secondary education.

For his further studies, Mukesh Ambani went to the Institute of Chemical Technology, where he got a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Later, he got accepted into Stanford University to do an MBA (Master of Business Administration), but he left before finishing it. he chose to help his father in building the family business, Reliance.

During his studies, Mukesh Ambani was inspired by two teachers who encouraged him to think creatively and differently from others. Their names were William F. Sharpe and Man Mohan Sharma. Their teachings had a big impact on Ambani’s way of thinking and problem-solving.

Mukesh Ambani Awards and honors

YearAward or Honor ReceivedAwarding Organization
2000Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the YearErnst & Young India
2010Global Vision Award at The Awards DinnerAsia Society
2010School of Engineering and Applied Science Dean’s MedalUniversity of Pennsylvania
2010Ranked 5th-best performing global CEOHarvard Business Review
2010Global Leadership AwardBusiness Council for International Understanding
2016Foreign associate, U.S. National Academy of EngineeringNational Academy of Engineering
2016Othmer Gold MedalChemical Heritage Foundation

Mukesh Ambani Net Worth 2024

Mukesh Ambani is considered the richest man in India. His net worth has been fluctuating due to changes in the business world. Ambani’s wealth comes from his various companies, including Reliance Industries Limited, which he leads as the Chairman and Managing Director.

Mukesh Ambani, as the chairman and largest shareholder of Reliance Industries, and earns around INR 15 crore as his salary. However, his main source of wealth comes from his Reliance Industries and other investments. His estimated net worth is around $118 billion USD, making him one of the richest people in the world, ranking ninth.

Ambani’s wealth is mainly from his shares in Reliance Industries, which in various sectors such as petrochemicals, refining, oil and gas exploration, textiles, retail, and telecommunications. Apart from this, he also invests in real estate and other ventures.

Mukesh Ambani Net Worth indian rupees

Mukesh Ambani is indeed one of the wealthiest not only in India but also globally. His net worth, as of the latest data available, is approximately 7.65 lakh crores in Indian rupees.

His net worth, which means all the money and things he owns, is about 7.65 lakh crores in Indian rupees. That’s a huge amount of money He’s not just rich in India but also in the whole world. Forbes magazine, a big magazine that talks about rich people, always puts him in the list of the top 10 richest people. So, you can imagine, he’s really, really wealthy!

Adani Net Worth in Rupees

Adani’s net worth in rupees is approximately 6.5 lakh crore rupees (as of 2024). Gautam Adani is an Indian billionaire businessman who founded the Adani Group.

Mukesh Ambani’s 1-Second Income

Mukesh Ambani’s 1-second income is approximately 28,270 rupees (as of 2024). This calculation is based on his annual income divided by the number of seconds in a year. Ambani is the Chairman and largest shareholder of Reliance Industries.

Mukesh Ambani Net Worth in Billion

Mukesh Ambani’s net worth is approximately 7.65 lakh crore rupees, which is around 765 billion rupees (as of 2024).

Mukesh Ambani Net Worth in Dollars

Mukesh Ambani’s net worth is approximately 118 billion USD (as of 2024). Ambani’s wealth comes from his Reliance Industries, which operates in various sectors such as petrochemicals, refining, telecommunications, and retail.

Mukesh Ambani’s Net Worth in Rupees 2024

Mukesh Ambani’s net worth in rupees in 2024 is approximately 7.65 lakh crore rupees. His wealth has been consistently high, showing his success in business and investments. Ambani’s net worth is based on market conditions.

Mukesh Ambani’s 1-Minute Income

Mukesh Ambani’s 1-minute income is approximately 1.7 crore rupees (as of 2024). 

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