Murder Mubarak Ending Explained: Real Culprit and All Twist Turns

Murder Mubarak is a new exciting movie on Netflix. It’s about a murder mystery in fancy New Delhi. The movie is directed by Homi Adajania and it is based on Anuja Chauhan’s book Club You To Death. The movie stars Sara Ali Khan, Pankaj Tripathi, and Karisma Kapoor. It’s full of suspense and great acting. The story takes us to the Royal Delhi Club, where rich people hang out. But beneath the luxury, there are lies, betrayal, and murder.

This article talks about the movie’s plot twists and its mysterious ending. It starts with a body found in the club’s gym. Then we see the secrets of the rich members unfolding. Assistant Commissioner Bhavani Singh leads the investigation, uncovering lies and secrets. As the story reveals, shocking truths are revealed, which leads to an exciting climax.

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Ending of Murder Mubarak

The Quick Plot of Murder Mubarak

Murder Mubarak happens at The Royal Delhi Club, where rich people hang out. It starts with finding Leo Matthews, the gym trainer, dead. This leads to the uncovering of dark secrets at the club. Assistant Commissioner Bhavani Singh, played by Pankaj Tripathi, leads the investigation with help from sub-inspector Padam Kumar. They find out about lies, betrayals, and more murders among the club’s members.

The story gets more intense as Bhavani digs deeper. They discover shocking things about the club’s members, like drug problems, blackmail, and secret affairs. With more bodies turning up and tensions rising, Bhavani has to navigate through lies to find the truth behind the murders. Every twist keeps viewers hooked until the exciting end.

Detailing on Movie Twist and Ending

In the final part of Murder Mubarak, there are a lot of surprises and discoveries that reveal the tangled lies. Assistant Commissioner Bhavani Singh is getting closer to the truth, and finally, the real person behind the murders is revealed, which shocks everyone.

Why the Murders Happened?

The main character, Bambi Todi, played by Sara Ali Khan, is obsessed with money, power, and her status in the elite Delhi Club. Her obsession leads her to do terrible things, like killing her husband, Anshul. When she finds out about his affair with the maid, Ganga, she goes to extreme lengths to keep her secrets safe.

Why the Murders Happened?

Secrets Coming Out

As the story unfolds, ACP Bhavani Singh uncovers many secrets among the club’s rich members, like scandals, drug problems, and secret relationships. The murder of the gym trainer, Leo Matthews, starts the uncovering of these hidden truths. Bhavani and his team dig deeper, trying to stop more killings as they race against time.

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Blaming the Wrong Person

Bhavani Singh decides to make Bambi’s childhood friend, Kashi, the main suspect in the murders. He knows that Bambi is fixated on Kashi, so he uses this to make Bambi admit her guilt. By blaming Kashi, Bhavani makes Bambi face her wrongdoing, leading to her downfall. This twist adds more suspense to the story, keeping viewers hooked until the end.

Finally, Justice is Served and the Real Culprit

At the peak of the story, Bambi’s lies catch up with her. When Bhavani confronts her, she can’t run away from what she did. She confesses to killing Leo, Guppie, and her husband, Anshul. Her obsession with control and power brings her down, showing the consequences of being too greedy and deceitful.

In conclusion, Murder Mubarak is an exciting movie that keeps you guessing. It explores themes like love, betrayal, and what happens when people want too much. As everything settles down and the guilty are punished, you’re left thinking about how obsession can ruin lives. Murder Mubarak shows why murder mysteries are so intriguing, with its mix of suspense, drama, and unexpected turns.

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