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Nagaland State Lottery Result

Do you want to check the Nagaland state lottery results today. The results of the Nagaland state lottery will out on the different draws, at 1 pm, 6 pm and 8 pm. If you want to make look at Nagaland lottery draw list, then here is post for you. In this, you will get to know the winning numbers announced in Nagaland lottery on draw at 1 pm, winning numbers announced on draws at 6 pm and 8 pm.

If you also buy the Nagaland lottery and wants to check whether your number will come in winning numbers or not, or your win prize money, then you should check the draw list. The first prize of the Nagaland state lottery is 1 Crore, 2nd prize is Rs 9000, 3rd prize is Rs 450, 4th prize is Rs 250, and 5th prize is Rs 120. This prize distribution for winning number is set by Nagaland state lottery department.

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Nagaland lottery regulations

Nagaland State Lottery is a legal regulated lottery scheme authorized by Government of West Bengal. It operates under the provisions of the Nagaland State (Regulation) Act and is operated by the West Bengal State Lotteries Department.

Nagaland State lottery result today at 1 pm

lottery result today 1 pm is announced on website. The winning numbers are declared by department. To check whether your lottery number is winning number or not, according to results, you should make look at draw list. According to the Nagaland state lottery result today at 1 pm, the winning numbers are

  • 1st prize- 66A 66930
  • 2nd prize- 00326, 16580, 17457, 27487, 39336, 40163, 43343, 74586, 82145, 91369
  • 3rd prize – 0120, 0312, 0900, 5651, 7178, 7732, 8144, 8572, 9027, 9777
  • 4th prize – 0243, 2023, 2376, 5290, 5387, 5394, 5556, 7712, 7790, 8784

Nagaland Lottery results today at 6 pm

The Nagaland state lottery result 6 pm is announced the winning numbers. You can check the winning numbers that Nagaland state lottery department announced today for 6 pm Draw. Here are the Nagaland lottery winning numbers

  • 1st prize- 96E 13245
  • 2nd prize-32021, 33380, 48220, 49829, 54146, 63753, 69682, 88347, 94443, 99887
  • 3rd prize-1258, 1391, 2408, 3456, 5023, 5068, 5292, 5347, 5688, 5914
  • 4th prize- 2188, 4232, 4780, 5797, 5940, 6077, 6407, 8632, 9426, 9657

Nagaland Lottery result today 8 pm

The last draw timing of Nagaland lottery is 8 pm. This time also the winning numbers of Nagaland lottery announced by departments. You can check the Nagaland lottery results of 8 pm draw on website. Here are the winning numbers declared under Nagaland state lottery results

  • 1st prize-41K 87018
  • 2nd prize- 09662, 18530, 31957, 36211, 44681, 53550, 57187, 68177, 72540, 88642
  • 3rd prize- 0255, 0630, 1402, 3549, 4366, 5978, 6693, 7834, 7841, 7873
  • 4th prize- 1239, 1326, 4836, 4920, 5285, 5418, 7495, 8498, 9436, 9724

Nagaland lottry prize structure

The Nagaland state lottery prize structure is varied for every lottery type. It includes the different prize tiers, with the different cash prizes to various winning combinations. The highest lottery prize is referred to as the jackpot or first prize

  • 1st prize- 1 crore
  • Cons- Rs 1000
  • 2nd prize- Rs 9000
  • 3rd prize- Rs 500
  • 4th prize- RS 250
  • 5th prize- Rs 120

Types of Nagaland lottery

There are three draws out of Nagaland lottery results. The different draws make the different types of Nagaland state lottery. The different kind of Nagaland lotteries, include dear morning, dear night, dear evening, dear day, and bumper lotteries. Every lottery type of Nagaland state lottery has a different prize structure and ticket prize and give a range of options for participants to choose from

Nagaland lottery Draw schedule

The different draws are an issue for the Nagaland lottery. The Nagaland lottery draws are held at different time, 1 pm, 6 pm and 8 pm. The different draw timings of the lottery declare different results and winning numbers today. You can check the draw results of the Nagaland state lottery through the online website, newspaper, and local TV channels.

Nagaland Lottery Result 1 pm Draw names

  • Sunday- Dear Yamuna
  • Monday- Dear Dwarka
  • Tuesday- Dear  Godavari
  • Wednesday- Dear Indus
  • Thursday- Dear Mahanadi
  • Friday- Dear Meghna
  • Saturday- Dear Narmada

Nagaland lottery results 6 pm. Draw names

  • Sunday- Dear sea
  • Monday- Dear desert
  • Tuesday- Dear wave
  • Wednesday- Dear hill
  • Thursday- Dear lake
  • Friday- Dear Mountain
  • Saturday- Dear river

Nagaland lottery results 8 pm. Draw names

  • Sunday- Dear toucan
  • Monday- Dear Finch
  • Tuesday-Dear goose
  • Wednesday-Dear pelican
  • Thursday- Dear sandpiper
  • Friday- Dear seagull
  • Saturday- Dear stock

Nagaland Lottery revenues  

As we tell you, the top winning amount of the Nagaland lottery is one crore, distributed to the winner after the results are announced. But there are more revenues associated with the Nagaland state lottery. The revenues generated from Nagaland State Lottery performs a vital role in investment various developmental applications and tasks in country. These packages can also include infrastructure development, training, healthcare, and other social welfare initiatives, contributing to the general welfare of the people of West Bengal.

Nagaland State Lottery Responsible Gaming

Like any lottery scheme, Nagaland State Lottery encourages best gaming practices. Participants are advised to play in method and carry the best way for lottery participation. Age restrictions and different measures are apply in region to make sure the safety of individuals and hold the integrity of the lottery scheme.


Nagaland lottery catalyze the aspirations, dreams and economic progress in Nagaland state. Every day, the three draws are release by state lottery department, at 1 pm, 6 pm and 8 pm. The winning amount after Nagaland lottery results announced are distribute to winners. Along with winning numbers, the lottery contribute to development of west Bengal by its revenues generated in lottery participation of people.

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