Netflix’s Ripley Ending Explained: Tom’s Greatest Escapes

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In the exciting world of scary stories, there’s a character named Tom Ripley who stands out. People have been fascinated by him for a long time, from the pages of a famous book to movies. Now, in the Netflix show Ripley, we get a new version of this story, with actor Andrew Scott playing Tom Ripley in a cool way.

The show is set in Italy in the 1950s and is full of mystery and tricks. As the series goes on, we find out that nothing is what it seems, and everyone has secrets. Tom Ripley does some really smart but scary things, and the story has a lot of surprises that keep you guessing. In this article, we’ll talk about the ending of Ripley, looking closely at what happens and what it means for the characters. From Tom’s scary actions to his game with Inspector Ravini, everything leads to a really exciting finish that stays with you even after the show is over.

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Quick Storylines of Ripley

Ripley starts by introducing Tom Ripley, a smart and charming guy who tricks people for a living. He gets involved with Dickie Greenleaf, a rich and popular guy. Tom looks up to Dickie so much that it becomes an obsession, and things get scary when Tom ends up killing Dickie.

Tom’s life gets even more complicated because he pretends to be Dickie after the murder. Meanwhile, Dickie’s girlfriend, Marge Sherwood, starts to get suspicious of Tom in Italy. As the show goes on, Tom’s lies start to come apart, and Inspector Ravini figures out what he’s done. But Tom is good at lying, so he gets away with it and starts living a rich life with a new name.

Ripley plot

Detailing of Ripley Ending

In the end of Ripley, everything comes together in a big mess of lies and trickery. Inspector Ravini is getting close to finding out what happened to Dickie and another guy named Freddie. Tom Ripley is almost caught, but he’s really smart and comes up with a plan to keep living his fancy life without getting caught. Things get tense when Inspector Ravini gets a book from Marge that spills all of Tom’s secrets.

Inspector Ravini’s Discovery:

Inspector Ravini keeps investigating, and he starts figuring out the truth about Tom Ripley’s big lies. When he gets Marge’s book, he realizes something shocking: he never actually met the real Dickie Greenleaf. This makes him realize that Tom has been tricking him this whole time. It’s a big shock for Inspector Ravini, who now understands that Tom has been smarter than him at every step of the investigation.

Tom’s Escape:

With Inspector Ravini getting closer, Tom Ripley comes up with a brave plan to run away and not get caught. He goes to Venice and becomes someone else, making sure he doesn’t leave any clues behind. Even though things are getting tough, Tom stays calm and smart, showing how good he is at tricking people even when things are dangerous.

Tom's Escape in Ripley

Marge’s Role:

In the middle of all the craziness, Marge Sherwood becomes important in the story. She’s trying to figure out what Tom has done and has to decide if she should talk to him about it or pretend like she doesn’t know. In the end, Marge decides to send her book to Inspector Ravini, and that turns out to be a really important moment in the investigation. It’s because of her actions that Tom gets caught in the end.

The Final Twist:

After the exciting ending, viewers are left wondering what will happen to Tom Ripley. Even though he got away from the police for now, the bad things he did still hang over him. As the series ends, people are excited to see what happens next to Tom and if he’ll have to face the consequences of his actions in the future.

In the end, Ripley gives us a good finish to the exciting story of lies and betrayal. Even though Tom Ripley got away without getting caught, the things he did affect everyone around him. People can’t wait to see what happens next in Tom’s life. One thing’s for sure: Ripley keeps people guessing until the very last moment, and that’s what makes it so interesting.


Did Tom Ripley get caught by the police at the end?
No, Tom managed to run away cleverly and didn’t get caught.

What did Marge Sherwood do in the story?
Marge’s actions helped reveal the truth about Tom’s lies to Inspector Ravini.

How did Inspector Ravini react when he found out about Tom’s lies?
Ravini was surprised to learn that Tom tricked him and he never met the real Dickie Greenleaf.

Will Tom get in trouble for his past actions later?
Even though he escaped, for now, people wonder if Tom’s past might cause problems in the future.

Why is Ripley a good show to watch?
Ripley is exciting because of its interesting story twists, suspenseful moments, and memorable characters like Tom Ripley.

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