$1,312 New Stimulus Check Coming in March 2024: Payments Credited via Mail from 21 March, know Latest Updates

As we know, the government released a number of stimulus checks for the welfare of citizens. Alaska Revenue department is set to release the New stimulus checks of $1312 in March. These stimulus checks are included in the permanent fund dividend of Alaska given to eligible candidates. All the citizens of Alaska who want to get this stimulus check should meet the eligibility criteria. It is expected that the new stimulus checks of $1312 will credited to the beneficiaries’ account from 21 March.

In this blog, we are going to tell you about the $1312 stimulus check payment released on 21 March. If you want to check eligibility for this relief funds and apply for it, then you should read this complete article

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$1312 New stimulus checks March 2024

When the Alaska Revenue Department released the $1,312 Stimulus Check, some people were not available at that time to receive the relief funds. So, the authority decided to release the statement in which it is written that people who do not get a $1,312 Stimulus Check before February 2024 now get their payments in accounts from 21 March 2024. In this way, people who did not get a financial amount before can avail of it now and improve their lives by meeting their needs. With the $1,312 New Stimulus Check released on 21 March, people are able to manage their required expenses.

People get the payments in the form of stimulus checks. This payment is eligible for Alaskan citizens. During the crisis time, when they are not able to get financial help, the payments will released in March for those people to give them financial support. So, don’t worry if you do not get $1,312 New Stimulus Check before February 2024, you can get this payment now. For this, ensure that you have meet your eligibility criteria and fill application form earlier.

$1,312 New Stimulus Check Overview

Name of the Scheme$1312 New Stimulus Check Payment 2024
State of ApplicationAlaska
Type of PaymentPermanent Fund Dividend
Date of Check15 February 2024
Official websitehttps://pfd.alaska.gov/

Purpose of $1,312 New Stimulus Check

The revenue department is going to release the $1,312 New Stimulus Check for eligible Alaska residents. This payment is given to those people who are suffers from high living costs in Alaska and face difficulty to meet their needs. So, the Alaska revenue department decide to give the financial support to such people in form of stimulus checks payments. The payment ensures the financial stability of people and keeps their lives manageable during challenging times. If you are also an Alaska citizen or eligible for it and fill out your application for it, then you can surely get your stimulus checks of $1312 in February 2024

In case if you are not get this payments in February, then you can get this payments in your accounts from 21 March 2024. For this, ensure that you have already applied for it with proper information and documentation. You are only eligible for these checks if you are a permanent citizen of Alaska and have no criminal record. The purpose of releasing the $1,312 New Stimulus Check is to give financial relief to eligible citizens of Alaska.

$1,312 New Stimulus Check eligibility

If you want to get the $1,312 New Stimulus Check payments, then you should meet the eligibility criteria. The eligibility you should meet are given below

  • You should be eligible for the PFD program in 2024
  • You should be the residence of Alaska
  • You should not be getting any other stimulus check before applying for permanent dividend funds.
  • You do not belongs to criminal background

Which jurisdiction ensures the Permanent dividend fund

Alaska House of Representatives will vote on an amendment constitutional guarantees the payments. Long-term financial decisions will made with this resolution. The current and modified legislation will yield the $3500 dividend per person at service levels and current income, but it will cost $2.3 billion. It causes the $1.3 billion annual deficit. Along with the deficit, all eligible Alaska residents can get payments from 21 March.

The residents of Alaska with “ eligible not paid” status will be eligible for these payments. The payments start releasing from 21 March. The money released by the revenue department helps people to manage their financial condition.

Last date to apply for a $1,312 New Stimulus Check

If due to some reasons, you are not able to apply for $1,312 New Stimulus Check payments earlier, then don’t worry. The Alaska Revenue Department gives you one more chance. You can easily apply for these stimulus checks before the deadline to get payments. If you are a first-time applicant, then you should know that the application window for $1,312 New Stimulus Check is open from 1 January 2024 and remains open till 31 March 2024. You can apply for these relief funds till 31 March

In case if you already applicant of this stimulus checks from 2023, and eligible to get payments but waiting till March, then your payment will surely credit in your account on 21 March 2024. Keep in mind that only eligible candidates can get this payment on time. So, ensure you meet your eligibility and submit the application form before the last date.

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