NFL Draft Order 2024: Selection Process, Schedule, and Streaming Details

The complete order for all 7 rounds of NFL Draft 2024 is released. There are 257 picks this year. In the selection picks of NFL Draft order 2024, the Chicago Bears own the No. 1 selection, whereas the New York Jets own the No. 257 selection.

Compensatory picks were already announced on 8 March, the Los angeles and san Francisco lead ways with 5 more selections. In all, there are 34 comp picks in the NFL Draft. NFL Draft 2024 will take place in Detroit at campus Matrius Park. Round 1 of this draft will start on 25 April and ends with round 4 on 27 April.

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NFL Draft Order 2024

The NFL Draft is an important aspect of the National Football League, where teams choose the eligible college football players to join. It is a multi-round event that gives well-structured systems for the recruitment of players in the NFL teams.

The order in which selection of players are done are determined by records of previous NFT seasons, with team have worst selection, by choosing super bowl champions in last. The rounds conducted in this way to choose players for NFL teams are called NFL draft orders. The draft consists of 7 rounds, with every team having one pick per round.

The 7 rounds of the NFL draft 2024 will take place from 25 April to 27 April. It was announced by the NFL after 34 compensatory selections were set. On 25 April, the first round of the NFL draft for 2024 will take place. Rounds 2 and 3 will take place on 26 April. Rounds 4 and 5 will take place on 27 April. The complete NFT draft order 2024 is available on the official site.

When will the 2024 NFL Draft

The NFL 2024 draft will be set to take place from 25 April, Thursday, to 27 April, 2024, Saturday. Here is the breakdown of rounds that take place in NFL Draft

  • Round 1- 25 April, Thursday, Begins at 8 PM
  • Round 2- 26 April, Friday, begins at 7 PM
  • Round 4-7- 27 April, Saturday, begins at noon

NFL Draft 2024 selection picks

The total picks selected for the 2024 NFL Draft is 257. It consists of the regular picks across the 7 rounds and compensatory picks awarded to NFL teams. During the draft, every team has a time limit to select football players in each round.

  • Round 1- 10 minutes per selection
  • Round 2- 7 minutes per selection
  • Round 3 to 6- 5 minutes per selection
  • Round 7- 4 minutes per selection

These time limits keep the NFL Draft smooth and ensure an orderly and fair selection for all teams. All 32 teams of the NFL participate in the NFL draft every year. Every team has a chance to select new players for the new season. The selection of new football players is done in 7 rounds, with the number of picks according to trade and compensatory selections.

NFL Draft 2024 selection process

NFL Draft 2024 players will selected through the following process


Players for the NFL Draft should declare their eligibility, which consists of the college players who have met their college eligibility.


For NFL Draft 2024, the players need to participate in evaluation events like NFL scouting combine, Pro days. Here, the player’s skills are checked by drills and tests.

Team needs

NFL teams check the roster needs and determine the eligible players to create NFL Draft Boards. The pool of players is created on the basis of their fit, talents and need


Team take turns to choose players for NFL Draft. The draft order is evaluated by standings of previous NFL, with the team having the worst record in choosing first.


Teams can trade picks or players for other picks, which can change the selection order and number of picks that NFL teams have.

Compensatory picks

There are additional picks given to teams that have lost more or better agents than they got in the previous year.


When the team made a selection of players through the NFL Draft, they made it public and welcomed players to the NFL league.

When and where to watch the NFL Draft Order 2024

The NFL Draft order consists of 7 rounds. Teams can use these rounds to choose eligible players to join the NFL team, and they aim to strengthen the team for good results. You can stream NFL Draft 2024 for all rounds on various platforms. To watch the NFL draft, you should follow the above schedule according to the rounds.

The NFL Draft Order 2024 event will held at Hart Plaza and Martius Park in Detroit, Michigan. You can watch the draft live on cable through ESPN, ABC, and NFL networks. For streaming, you should use ESPN +, NFL, Live TV, Hulu, etc. To get more details on all rounds of the NFL draft, you can visit the official website of the NFL,

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