Ontario Minimum Wage Will Increase from October 2024: Check the Increase Amount and New Wage

What is the minimum wage in Ontario? Ontario minimum wage is the lowest hourly pay rate that employers should give to their employees, according to government law. The minimum wage in Ontario 2024 for general jobs is set at $16.55, and the minimum wage in Ontario for students under 18 years is set at $15.60. for liquor services, the Ontario minimum wage is set at $16.55 per hour. With the new minimum wages in Ontario that are effective from October 2024, it is expected that students can get $17 per hour. Different pay rates are increased for various categories, like students, general, homemakers, etc. Let’s read the article and know that the Ontario minimum wage will increase from October 2024

Ontario Hourly wage increase 2024

Minimum wages in Ontario are the least amount that employees get according to their work hours. Ontario’s minimum wage rate of $16.55 per hour is expected to increase from October 2024. This applies to different categories of workers, regardless of their part-time, full-time, casual, and how they are paid. Some workers have special rates also, according to the implementation of the new minimum wages in Ontario. Here are the various information regarding Ontario minimum wages 2024 that you should know

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Province name Ontario 
Country Canada 
Previous wage rate $16.55 per hour 
New wage rate $17 per hour 
Wage rate payment basis Hourly 
Rate applicable from 1 October 2024
Website https://www.ontario.ca/page/government-ontario

Usually, the wages of workers are increased in Ontario because of inflation. The previous minimum wage of Ontario is $16.55 per hour. It is expected to increase from October 2024 and set at $17 per hour.

Ontario Minimum wage increase from October 2024

The minimum wages are different in different cities in Canada. Most pay rates fall under CPI categories and are adjusted later based on inflation and demands. As per the latest updates, the minimum wage in Ontario is expected to increase from October 2024. It is announced by authorities that some proposals are issued by the council. If they approve the proposal, the Ontario government will surely increase the minimum wage.

Ontario minimum wages increase 2024 eligibility

Minimum wages are the lowest rate that employers give to their employees. All workers, whether contract-based, full time or part-time, are eligible for the minimum wages, regardless of their commission, salary, hourly based, flat rate, etc. If the minimum wage is increased in Ontario, then the pay rate for all workers will increase. For more information, you can check the Ontario government website. Here, you can see the list of certain jobs that are not included in minimum wage regulations.

Provinces with different Minimum wages in Ontario

The province with meals and rooms affects the minimum wages in Ontario. If an employer provides rooms and food to their employees, then their minimum wages are reduced. The regional differences also appear in Canada, where every territory has minimum wages based on government policies and quality of life. Here are the provinces with different minimum wages in Ontario 

ProvincesMinimum Wages
British Columbia$16.75
New Brunswick$14.75
New Foundland & Labrador$15
Northwest Territories$16.05
Nova Scotia$15

The very lowest minimum wage is clearly seen in New Brunswick because this area is under development and has a high cost of living. On the other hand, the other areas, like Newfoundland, Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Labrador, are led in the same direction. The developed regions of Canada, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, and Ontario also play a leading role in economic development.

Category-wise Ontario minimum wages 2024

Before the new minimum wages are implemented in 2024, let’s have a look at the minimum wages of different categories of workers currently

Particulars Applicable rates 
Minimum wage $16.55 per hour 
Ontario Student wage per hour$16.60 per hour 
Liquor servers $16.55 per hour 
Hunting, fishing, and wilderness$82.85 per hour for working less than 5 hours $165.75 per hour for working 5 hours or more
Homeworkers wage $18.20 per hour 

Ontario minimum wages increase in 2024- Increase amount and new wages

It is expected that the Ontario minimum wage will be increased in October 2024. What are increased pay rates and new wages? It is expected that the increase in minimum wages in Ontario will depend on the rise in living costs. The pay rate, which is $16.55 per hour, is currently expected to increase to $17 per hour. The students are expected to get $17 per hour according to the minimum wage increase. The homemakers are expected to get $19.20 per hour, and liquor servers and general minimum wages will also change. The workers who work less than 5 hours are paid by $95.20, and workers who work more than 5 hours are paid by $165. 75.

Particulars Applicable rates 
Ontario Student wage per hour$17 per hour 
Hunting, fishing, and wilderness$95.20 per hour for working less than 5 hours $165.75 per hour for working 5 hours or more
Homeworkers wage $19.20 per hour 

Calculation of Minimum wages

The minimum wages of Ontario are calculated based on hourly wage specifications, consumer price index, and according to government policies. These changes are made in minimum wages to meet the living costs of individuals. The change in minimum wages also depends on the inflation rate. If inflation increase, then there are changes come in minimum wages, and rate will implement in new financial year. If the council approves the proposal for minimum wages in Ontario, then it is expected to be effective from October 2024


With the increase of minimum wages in Ontario from $16.55 per hour to $17 per hour, Ontario has the highest minimum wage rates across Canada. This pay rate will increase from October 2024 after the council approves the proposal. For this, it is suggested that employers and employees regularly visit the official Ontario website and stay updated on the wage rate.

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