Sam Altman Biography – Early Life, Education, Career and NET Worth

Sam Altman is a famous investor, entrepreneur, and technology executive who was born on 22 April 1985. He is 38 years old. He is known as former president of Y combinatory, where he works as developing and assistant the successful firms of world. He is work as CEO of OpenAI from 2019. He is also the founder of various successful companies, including Hydrazine Capital and Loopt.

He gains huge success in the startup world. His fortune demonstrates his entrepreneurial skills and ability to know and invest in promising firms that result in growth and success. In spite of huge success, he continues to mentor the world’s most successful companies and give suggestions to business throughout the world.

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Who is Sam Altman

Sam Altman is a famous American entrepreneur and investor. He is well known because of his role as CEO and co founder of OpenAI. He develops his company, which works on AI chatGPT. Sam Altman was president of technology startup accelerator Y Combinatory from 2014 to 2019

NameSam Altman
Age38 year old
Birth Date22 April, 1985
Birth PlaceChicago, Illinois, USA
Material statusUnmarried
Girlfriend  NameNot Known
Father NameNot Known
Mother NameNot Known
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBrown
Weight87  kg
Net Worth $500 Million

Biography of Sam Altman

Sam was dropped out of university after 2 years and discovered Loopt, that is social net working service. It will raise more than $30 Million in venture capital. In 2011, he joined startup, Y combinatory and serve as president from 2014 to 2019.

Sam Altman Early life and education 

Sam Altman was born on 22 April 1985 in Chicago. He was born in a Jewish family and grew up in Missouri. His mother works as a dermatologist, and his father works as a real estate broker. He is the eldest of 4 siblings. At age of 8 years old, he get his first computer, an apple macintosh, and starts to learn coding and take computer hardware. He attend John Burroughs school, a private school in Missouri. In 2005, after 2 years at Stanford University, and then drop out without getting a bachelor’s degree.

Career of Sam Altman

Sam Altman at age of 19 discovered the Loopt application, a social networking and mobile application. But after some time, because of some issues, Loopt failed to get traction with enough users. In 2012, this was captured by Green Dot Corporation for $43.4 Million.

After some months, Sam Altman found the hydrazine capital with his brother. He becomes a partner of Y combinatory later and starts working on investments in startups at a broad range. In starting, he works on part-time basis there. In February 2024, he was recognized as president of Y Combinator by co-founder Paul Graham. In this blog post, he said that valuation of Y combinatory companies has pass the $65 billion, include Dropbox, stripe and zenefits.

In October 2015, he announced the YC continuity, $700 million equity funds and invest in YC based company. In 2016, he expand his role of president in YC company. Later, in 2019, he announced a changeover from the president of the company to the chairman of the board because he made efforts on OpenAI technology. In 2020, he was not connected with YC for a long time. Reports tell that he got fired from Y combinatory and appointed himself as chairman without authorization.

Role of Altman at OpenAI

Sam Altman develops the OpenAI. Under this leadership, he becomes a developer in the AI space. His company generated $1 Billion from Microsoft in 2019 and launched ChatGPT in 2022. AIchatbot developed by Sam become the fastest ever platform that attracts the 1 million users, who use it daily. In this way, this technology developed by Sam is a gains milestone.

With his OpenAI, he also developed the DALL_E text-to-image AI converter, which was launched in January 2024 initially. The latest model, the DALL E-3, launched in 2023, has the ability to understand more details than old versions. In 2023, Microsoft announced an investment of multibillion dollars in OpenAI for a sum that was estimated at $10 Billion. In 2023, his company raised $300 million from various ventures, including Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Thrive, K2 Global, and Founders Fund, and values in billions.

Sam Altman Net worth

 Sam Altman is a popular figure in the artificial intelligence world. He is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, visionary, and executive. He is famous as the CEO of OpenAI

Estimated Net Worth$500 million
Source of WealthEquity in private companies, angel investments
Major HoldingsY Combinator ($600 billion valuation), 100+ startups (Airbnb, Reddit, etc.)
Notable InvestmentsOpenAI ($29 billion valuation), Helion Energy ($375 million), Retro Biosciences ($108 million)
Future OutlookStrong continued growth is expected, given access to top startups.


The entrepreneurial Journey of Sam Altman has an inspirational story for all who want to make their big name in the business world. He has great involvement in technology and artificial intelligence and works as CEO of the OpenAI platform. He made many investments in startups, led success, and gained growth in the business world. With their huge success and positive impact on society, he made his name in history and came out as the top entrepreneur of all time.

For those who want to begin their business career, Sam is a great example for them. He established his own company, YC group with his brother, and results in growth of entrepreneurs and their business. This is how he contributes to the complete business era and benefits to other businessman

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