Shogun Episode 3 Recap: “Tomorrow is Tomorrow” Raises the Stakes

Shogun Episode 3
Shogun Episode 3

Shogun Episode 3: In the gripping third episode of Shogun Season 1, the intense drama and high-stakes battles reach new heights. Titled “Tomorrow is Tomorrow,” this installment forces both Toranaga and Blackthorne to confront formidable challenges that test their resilience and strategic prowess.

Shogun Episode 3 Recap

After narrowly evading an assassination attempt in Episode 2, Toranaga realizes that staying in Osaka puts himself and his loved ones at grave risk. Determined to escape the looming threat, he devises a bold escape plan. However, with the relentless Ishido hot on his trail, the question remains: will Toranaga successfully flee the palace of Osaka?

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Toranaga meets with Yabushige to address the assassination attempt on Blackthorne within his castle. Suspecting Ishido’s involvement, Toranaga questions Yabushige about his connection. Yabushige confesses that Ishido promised him a seat on the Council of Regents in exchange for assassinating Blackthorne.

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Although Yabushige admits he has no interest in the council position, he emphasizes the importance of maintaining his leadership. He reveals that the assassin was targeting Blackthorne (Anjin) and urges Toranaga, Lady Kiri, and Blackthorne to relocate to his fishing village in Ajiro for their safety. In return, Toranaga promises to grant Yabushige control over Suruga Province.

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The Tense Departure from Osaka

As the group prepares to depart Osaka, they find themselves in a race against time, hastily packing their belongings. However, their efforts are interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Lord Ishido.

Although skeptical, Ishido grants them permission to leave. Toranaga cleverly switches positions with Lady Kiri, and when the guards attempt to check their carriages, Blackthorne creates a diversion, allowing them to escape.

Surviving the Attack of Christian Men

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The journey takes a dangerous turn as the crew faces a sudden and intense attack. During the chaos, a frantic member informs their leader that Ishido’s forces are behind the conflict, led by Lord Kiyama. Kiyama declares that Ishido’s followers and the supposed heretics will meet their demise.

To save Lord Toranaga, Lady Mariko‘s husband, Buntaro, bravely stays behind, sacrificing himself to give his crewmates a chance to escape Osaka. Despite Blackthorne’s suggestion to rescue him, the Hiromatsu refuse, leaving Buntaro to face the enemies alone.

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Seeking Refuge on the Black Ship

As Lord Kiyama’s soldiers take over the bay area, Blackthorne realizes their chances of survival are slim if they attempt to sail past them. He proposes seeking refuge on the black ship, known for its resilience against attacks. Toranaga takes charge and negotiates with the Captain, offering safe passage out of Osaka in exchange for their help.

The Captain demands a higher price, and Toranaga proposes a deal: half the gold acquired from Macao will be given to the captain, and the Priest will be allowed to build a church in Edo. In exchange, the Father-Visitor must persuade Lords Kiyama and Ohno to support Toranaga. Although the Father-Visitor agrees, the Captain makes it clear that Blackthorne is not welcome on the black ship.

The Council of Regents’ Dilemma

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In the Council of Regents meeting, some members express dissatisfaction with Ishido’s decision to let Toranaga flee alongside Blackthorne. However, their discussion is interrupted by Lord Hiromatsu, who brings surprising news: Toranaga has resigned from the Council, citing personal reasons.

Ishido dismisses the significance of the resignation, confident they can impeach Toranaga with a unanimous 4-0 vote. However, Hiromatsu reminds them of Taiko’s decree that five Regents must be present for any vote to pass. With only four Regents remaining, they lack the numbers needed to secure the necessary votes for impeachment.

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A New Alliance Forged

The Priests hand over John Blackthorne‘s books to Toranaga when they meet him on the black ship. Toranaga questions him about their contents, deeming them worthy of death. However, acknowledging the lengthy process of transcribing the material, he requests Blackthorne to impart his knowledge to Toranaga’s men.

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In a significant turn of events, Toranaga declares that Blackthorne will be recognized as a Hatamoto from now on, abandoning the label of “barbarian.” This pivotal moment marks the beginning of a new alliance between Blackthorne and Toranaga.

With its intense battles, calculated moves, and shifting alliances, Shogun Episode 3 raises the stakes and leaves viewers eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this gripping historical drama.

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Shogun Episode 3 delivers a thrilling and action-packed installment, keeping viewers hooked with its twists and turns. As Toranaga and Blackthorne navigate through treacherous waters, the stakes continue to rise, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next episode’s revelations.

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