Solar Eclipse of 8 April 2024 – Check the Timing in Different Countries

Do you want to observe the solar eclipse of 8 April 2024? If yes, you should know about timings according to your country. The solar eclipse will occur on Monday, 8 April. It will occur in various countries, including North America, the United States, Mexico, Canada, etc. The Pacific coast of Mexico witness the eclipse first in North America at 11:07 am, based on weather.

Solar Eclipse of 8 April, 2024

A total Solar Eclipse will occur on 8 April. It will occur in 13 US states. It will start from the southwest and end in the Northeast. You should be on a narrow path of totality to observe the solar eclipse. Totality of this year eclipse will last for long time. This year, the moon visible diameter will be 5.5% bigger than typical on this day. With the 1.0566 magnitude, it will reach the closest to the surrounding cities of Coahuilla, torreon, and the Mexican town of Nazas, Durango, for a maximum duration of 4 minutes and 28.13 seconds.

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A Solar Eclipse is an astronomical event that will traverse North America, Canada, Mexico, and the United States. The moon passes in front of the sun and earth during eclipse events and hides the sunlight. It makes the day dark and is expected to become an amazing event for people. Where the Solar Eclipse will occur on 8 April

Timings of Solar Eclipse in different countries

If you want to see the amazing event of the eclipse on 8 April, then you should know the correct time according to your country. Here is the table that shows the timings of solar eclipse in different countries 

Sinaloa, Mexico11:07 am MST4 Min 20 Sec
Durango, Mexico12:12 pm CST3Min 50 Sec
Ohio, US3:13 pm EDT3Min 50 sec
Missouri, United States 1:58 pm CDT4 Min 7 Sec
Texas, United States1:40 pm CDT 3 Min 52 sec
Indiana U.S3:06 pm EDT3 Min 53 Sec
Erie, Pennsylvania 3:16 pm EDT 3 Min 54 sec
New York, U.S3:20 pm EDT 3 Min 40 Sec
Quebec, Canada 3:26 pm EDT1 Min 57 Sec
Prince Edward Island, Canada 4:35 pm ADT3 Min 12 Sec
Newfoundland, Canada 5:13 pm NDT2 Min 53 Sec

Tips to see the Solar Eclipse 2024 safely

Here are a few tips that will help you observe the solar eclipse on 8 April with proper safety

  • You should check the solar screen first for tears, damage, etc, before using it. If you find any damage to it, then you should throw it away.
  • If you wear glasses usually, then don’t take them off to see the solar eclipse. You can cover your glasses with eclipse glasses or place solar viewers directly on them.
  • Protect your eyes using eclipse glasses or a solar viewer before looking at the sun.
  • You should move away from sun after look at it by using solar filter, then take filter off. Never take it off when you face the sun.
  • Keep in mind that wearing regular sunglasses is not safe to see the eclipse. So you should use safe personal solar observer glasses or special-purpose sun filters, like eclipse glasses.  
  • Along with glasses, always wear protective clothes, sunscreen, a hat, etc., to watch a solar eclipse safely.

When solar eclipse will occur after 2024

The next solar eclipse after 2024 is scheduled on the basis of sun and moon alignments. Here are the dates of the solar eclipse that will occur after 2024

  • 12 August 2026- Total solar eclipse is expected to occur in Greenland, Iceland, the Arctic and Spain
  • 2 August 2027- A total solar eclipse will be expected to occur in Spain, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen
  • 22 July 2028- A total solar eclipse is expected to occur in New Zealand and Australia
  • 25 November 2030- The total solar eclipse is expected to occur in Australia and South Africa
  • 30 March 2033- A total solar eclipse will occur in Russia
  • 20 March 2034, Total solar eclipse will occur in Egypt, Sudan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and India

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