The Signal Review: A Gripping Sci-Fi Odyssey Through Space and Human Emotions

The Signal Review
The Signal Review

The Signal is a German miniseries that, like many other films and television shows with cosmic themes, depicts space as a terrible and unfathomable frontier and a suitable backdrop for studies of human relationships and dilemmas.

The Signal Season 1 has only four hour-long episodes, but it poses many really insightful and exciting questions regarding everything from mental health to first contact with an alien culture. The Netflix series struggles to provide answers.

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The Signal Season 1 Review

I was instantly reminded of AppleTV+‘s Constellation vibe when I started watching The Signal. The discovery of something we saw in the latter a few weeks ago leaves a female astronaut, her husband, and their small child in the dark.

But don’t be misled by the titles or the overarching storyline; the two series are very distinct from one another and have very different themes. Constellation was an engaging and poignant film, but Netflix‘s German sci-fi thriller is far shorter and takes its time to get to the point.

Meanwhile, the series’ brief runtime doesn’t compensate for the several instances in which it truly sifts through the murk to make its point. There are, in fact, very few moments that will make you laugh or feel excited, so you’ll want to skip past them.

The German thriller’s central theme is, well, aliens, yet for the majority of its first act, the suspense and terror are notably absent. Having said that, we witness the suffering and desperation of Paula’s family, particularly as it affects her daughter Charlie (Yuna Bennett) as she and Sven attempt to determine what happened to Paula.

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Paula (Peri Baumeister) and another astronaut are sent into space to investigate the possibility of extraterrestrial life and alien encounters. It’s just another billionaire’s desire for something that none of us should need or want. The outcomes are astounding and thrilling, but naturally, something goes awry, leading Sven to investigate Paula’s final, mysterious message to him before she vanishes.

Throughout its runtime, The Signal changes in a way that integrates a variety of elements to produce a captivating story eventually. Although I must admit that trimming a few elements and shortening the running duration would have made for more enjoyable viewing, the plot is still really intriguing and keeps you wondering.

You question whether all that has occurred is a complete fabrication, a grand conspiracy of some sort, or Paula’s delusions. It’s an exciting movie, especially towards the conclusion, as the solutions come slowly to light.

The subplot involving the bereaved individuals is the one that I didn’t find really interesting or fully get. I won’t go into too much detail, but that inclusion seemed kind of pointless and took away from the already intriguing and enigmatic plot.

For whatever reason, we spend way too much time behind this one person who has fake blood on his hands; in fact, it lessens the intensity and lessens the seriousness of the issue.

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Sheeba Chaddha plays a charming character named Benisha Mudhi, who becomes increasingly unreal over time. This is another element that felt a little childish. Given the series’ alternate premise, one would think that all of the characters would take a different turn.

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But Mudhi merely seems like another person who deserves hatred and doesn’t accomplish anything new. Though ultimately somewhat predictable, there was room to do something more, something unexpected and out of the ordinary.

Even so, The Signal is a gripping and exciting watch with a few slow spots that will have you guessing the entire time. It’s got just enough twists and turns to keep you on the edge and isn’t too long to irritate you.

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But will all the suspense and mystery ultimately pay off? Does someone come to Earth from space? The conclusion, in my opinion, is both moving and a little disappointing. It’s not that scratchy, but it’s more emotive than anything else.


The Signal, a German science fiction series on Netflix, explores human avarice and its devastating consequences while offering an exciting, monotonous, and occasionally humorous voyage beyond space. One of the worst consequences of it is the loss of life, but whether or not the resolution will please everyone depends on personal preference.

Although it doesn’t personally satisfy my need, I was nevertheless intrigued till the very end. It’s also quite emotional and does a fantastic job showcasing the people and their relationships, but overall, it’s a nice movie that won’t stick in your memory.

The Signal Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

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