Top 10 Most Biggest Cities in the UK

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Top 10 Most Biggest Cities in the UK

United Kingdom, popularly known as UK is 94,000 sq. miles and has 67 million residents. Tourism is the main industry of our country, and there are over 40 million people who visit the UK annually. It means there are many best places and cities to visit in the UK. UK is country of number of biggest cities. It is known as birthplace of pretty notable figures, such as the beatles and Shakespeare. UK is also well known in world because of quality education, art, architecture, sports teams, and royal things. Read the article completely to know about the top 10 biggest cities in the UK.

List of top 10 biggest cities in the UK

The UK is one of the biggest economies in the world, and there are many cities in the UK. This country is known for owning modern assets and urban communities. The top 10 biggest urban communities in the UK are London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Sheffield, and many more.

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London is far and away the largest populated city in the UK. It is capital of country, and biggest economic centre. It is known as transportation hub, home of British community, cultural and tourism place of United Kingdom. It is situated in southeastern England, along river thames, and made up of complex, dense, and exciting structures, with great monuments. This city also ranks top in higher education, with top universities and colleges.


Glasgow is another biggest city in Uk situated in west central Scotland, along with both sides of River clyde. It is eclectic and friendly city with blend of advanced and traditional engineering, renewable energy, and aerospace technology. There are 20 top-tier museums in this city. Moreover, it is home of traditional pubs,  celebrated street art, a palate-pleasing culinary scene, and shopping malls in UK.


One of biggest city of Yorkshire in UK is Sheffield. It was based up on manufacturing of steel products. Even there are many cheaper foreign competitors create challenges for  Sheffield, but still this city produce more steels and emerges as the biggest city. The UK is well known because of the advanced manufacturing industry of this city. It lies between Nottingham and Leeds in South Yorkshire. It boasts a metropolitan population of over 1.5 million. Along with steel manufacturing, this city is also known for its high employment levels in the public sector. It means people can get opportunities for leisure and service activities and create a good rate of employment among people in Sheffield.


Bradford is city that fallen under shadow of leeds in past few decades, and holds economic strengths. In starting of the 20th century, Bradford was called as “ wool capital of world” and results in great wealth from trade. This city is also known by its nickname, “ the champagne capital of England”. As the other northern England cities, Bradford face the economic decline in 1970s and 1980s. But by the old strengths, the textile industry of this city is recognized as a large employer and creates a history of innovations. Moreover, it also hosts the headquarters of supermarket chain Morrisons, consumer finance company “Provident Financial” and utility enterprise “Yorkshire Water.”


A another biggest city in united Kingdom is Birmingham. It is located between Manchester and London in central England. It is known as the “ city of thousand trades”. This city serves as cultural and entertainment hub, administrative centre for metropolitan country, that includes the boroughs of Dudley, Sandwell, city of Coventry, Solihull, Walsall, and Wolverhampton. This city has the business companies of tech, jewelery, automotive sectors, due to which it is known as city of thousands of trades. Moreover, fans of birtish rock n’ roll classic will also delight knowing that the Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin and Ozzie Osbourne formed Birmingham.


Manchester is most famous and important city of UK. It listed in popular cities list of United Kingdom. Even this city do not reflects its importance, but it is noted that metropolitan population is closer to 2.8 million. This city grew exponentially during the 19th-century Industrial Revolution, with its cotton industry becoming an economic centre. The football teams and musical output of this city kept it globally in the 20th century. Since 1990s, it undergoes the various regeneration projects, due to which airport become the one of busiest place in Europe.

The good thing is that this city has a strong reputation for innovation and advanced manufacturing. Manchester is most popular place where atom was split first, where first stored computer programmer was developer, and where first graphene was isolated. It also hosts the headquarters of Umbro compant and co operative group, eithad airways, the European headquarters of Brother, Kellogg’s, Adidas, totesport, and Siemens. It is known as popular logistics hub of United Kingdom, that has experts in construction, financial services, real estate, retail, public administration, health, education and business services. It is the perfect hub of all trades.


Belfast, a another biggest city in united Kingdom. It is capital city of Northern Ireland, that become synonymous with “ troubles” era in 1970s and 1980s. But they can solve this problem by sign of “ Good Friday agreement” in 1998. From that time, this city has reinvented themselves, with both northern Ireland and Belfast become hubs for direct investment for foreigners.

Some developments include impressive titanic quarter act that make many improvements in this city, and made it in headlines for more than terrorist activity. In the 21st century, the economy of Belfast excels in aerospace, data journalism, the service sector, and the tourism and film industry. This city deal also results in some uncertainty in Northern Ireland, but they hope that they come out of this position between the EU and Mainland UK and benefit from it


Liverpool is the biggest city in the UK, located in western England. It is closer to the border of Wales. Liverpool is key UK port, but importance of UK economy of this city does not limit there. It goes beyond the music and football too, two other locations in which Liverpool is famous all over the world. Like the other largest northern cities in England, Liverpool city is suffered from post industrial and unemployment decline in 1970s and 1980s, particularly when dockyards closed.

In 2020s, the industrial strengths of Liverpool are many, include education, health, banking, finance, administration, leisure, tourism, manufacturing, film making, research, life sciences, development, and pharmaceuticals. The focus of this city of Merseyside has a population of more than 2.2 million. In 2008, Liverpool, as a European city of culture, helped to transform the places and fought in the final few decades of the 20th century


Bristol is also listed in largest cities on UK. It is located in southwest England and is considered the most urban area in the United Kingdom. The port of this city has become the centre of industrial activity and is known as the 10th largest in England. In the 2020s, the economy of this city is based on more sectors such as technology, defence, creative industries, financial services, media and life sciences. It is referred to as the national leader in the aerospace industry. The University of Bristol is highly regarded in the UK because of the strong reputation of the city and high innovations, from development to research to quantum computing.


Nottingham is biggest city in Uk and well known because of technologies and innovations. It is part of Northeast Birmingham, in the county of Nottinghamshire, from the times. It is also referred to as part of England’s East Midlands region. This city is also called the home of folk legend Robin Hood. With the range of landmarks from this beloved tale, it becomes best tourism places for visitors from all over the world.

It includes the Old County Gaol (National Justice Museum), St. Mary’s Church Edwinstowe, the mystical Sherwood Forest, and the iconic Nottingham Castle. The oldest inn in England is also located in this city and serves freshly brewed ale to customers. Another best place of this city,  The City of Caves, are made up of more than 800 chambers/networks hidden under modern streets, and becomes the imagination of Nottingham visitors/residents. 


Uk is country of impressive and largest cities, include Manchester, London, Birmingham, etc. Every city in the United Kingdom has its own charm and character. Whether you are looking for culture, history, nature and nightlife in this city, it is perfect for you. The top-ranked 10 largest cities of the UK are based on the latest analysis and data from the Office for National Statistics. All of the above cities are ranked at top, because of expert in technology, home of various trades, number of companies, employment sector, entertainment hub, cultural hub, etc. 

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