Uber Class Action Settlement, Eligibility, Amount and Payout Details

What is Uber? Uber is widely used by Australian tax drivers and operators. Such operators make claims that they lost money because of ride hailing company enter in their country. Uber has agreed to pay the amount of $271.8 to Australian tax drivers to resolve the disputes. On behalf of the car drivers and owners and 8,000 taxi drivers, a class action settlement was filed in 2019. If you also want to claim this Uber class action settlement in Australia, then you should meet the eligibility and apply for it. You should also know about the Uber class action settlement payment amount and dates that eligibility can get.

Uber class action settlement

Recently, Uber agreed to a class action settlement in Australia and made the development for the rideshare sector. Uber agreed to the settlement to resolve the issues faced by Australian taxi drivers and operators. This settlement comes after Uber described the Australian market as pirates. By agreed to Uber class action settlement, company compensates to the taxi drivers and give them payments.

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The class action settlement, called lawsuit was initiate in 2019 by Maurice Blackburn lawyers. With the research before lawsuit initiates, it is come to know that there are more than 8000 taxi drivers and car owners who face financial losses because of Uber entry in rideshare market. According to the attorney responsible for the Uber class action settlement case, it was one of the most successful class actions taken against Uber in history.

The settlement amount that Uber company decided to give to the Australian drivers and car owners is $271.8. it aims to address the license value losses and income with which the taxi drivers suffered after Uber entry into the market

Uber class action settlement claim eligibility criteria

The taxi drivers, car drivers, operators and license holders who are suffered from financial losses because of uber entry in Australia market, are eligible to apply for uber class action settlement claim.

The class action was initiated on behalf of over 8,000 individuals who claim that Uber operations reduce their income and the value of their licenses. To become eligible for this class action settlement amount, the individuals must register the interest by a specific deadline and meet legal guidelines. For detailed and accurate eligibility, it is suggested that individuals read the official statement notice and contact the law firm that handles the case.

Uber class action settlement amount

The Uber class action settlement in Australia agreed to give the amount of $271.8 million to solve problems of Australian tax driers and settle lawsuits. The settlement amount that every person gets is not specific in the given information. It is come to know that there are more than 8000 taxi drivers and car owners who are affected by entry of uber in market and face financial losses and now need amount to cover their losses.

The payout per person is determined on the basis of a number of claimants and individual losses. The settlement is referred to as the largest lawsuit in Australian history, marks the development of the rideshare industry, and covers the loss of taxi drivers who are affected by Uber’s entry into the market.

Uber class action settlement Date

The uber class settlement claim final hearing are starts on 18 March. This hearing ended with legal proceedings that started in 2019, and a settlement agreement was made by a court.

The time when the payments reflects in eligible account are get some time. After the Uber class action settlement agreement is submitted to the court for preliminary approval, it is expected that it does not need further appeals. The class members may get payment within 6 to 9 months. The entire process are spans from several months to years, on basis of factors like complexity of case, plaintiffs, and legal process involved  After class action are settled, approved claims are result in distribution of funds to eligible candidates.

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