Ugadi 2024: Dates, Significance, Traditions, and Special Dishes

Ugadi is the festival that is celebrated on the first day of the new year, according to the Hindu calendar. According to this calendar, the first day of the new year falls on 9 April, on which the day Ugadi is celebrated. This festival is celebrated in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Goa and Telangana. The first day of the Hindu calendar of Chaitra usually falls in the March or April months of the Gregorian calendar. This year, in 2024, Ugadi is celebrated on 9 April.

This day is celebrated by Hindus of various statuses. Ugadi,  also known as Gudi Padwa, required people to celebrate their New Year.

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When does the Ugadi 2024 Celebrate

Ugadi 2024 will fall on 9 April 2024. It is celebrated as the famous Hindu festival that marks the New Year starting according to the Hindu calendar. Ugadi is celebrated with the traditions and rituals of Hindus. It shows devotion and enthusiasm among people, especially in the states of Telangana, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. On Ugadi 2024, people wake up in the morning, take a bath and apply oil. On this day, people decorate their houses with rangoli and mango leaves and wear new clothes. People also make special dishes on this day, like pachadi, etc. It is called the best festival for people because it brings friends and families together. Ugadi is also celebrated by people who visit the temples and seek prayers for gods and goddesses.

Ugadi 2024 date and Timings

Ugadi is celebrated among people according to the auspicious muharat. According to 2024 muhurat, the date and timings of Ugadi 2024 are given below. It is suggested that people do pooja and start celebrating this festival accordingly.

Ugadi 2024 Begins11:50 PM8 April 2024
Ugadi 2024 Ends8:30 PM9 April 2024

Significance of Ugadi 2024

Ugadi comes from two Sanskrit words, Yuga and Adi. Yuga means age, and Adi means starting. According to Hindu traditions, the day is celebrated as Ugadi, which means the day when Lord Brahma created the world. Lord Brahma is the God who makes the universe. Then, he create the universe cycles, like days, weeks, months, etc. Hence, people believe that the Ugadi festival is celebrated on the day when Lord Brahma created this universe. This festival marks the start of the spring season when farmers harvest their crops. Here are the astrological significance of the Ugadi festival

Astrological significance

  • Ugadi festival holds astrological importance. According to ancient reports, the new astronomical cycle starts on this day, when ugadi is celebrated. The northern hemisphere gets a large amount of sunlight this day because the earth is located on its axis.
  • It shows the start of the spring season when nature blooms and gets more active with sunlight.

Celebrations on Ugadi 2024

The people from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka celebrate the Ugadi 2024 to celebrate the first day of the New year with energy and enthusiasm.

  • The people start celebrating the Ugadi 2024 a week before Ugadi day
  • They start cleaning their houses, decorating them with rangoli and mango leaves.
  • On Ugadi day, people wake up in an early month, take a bath, apply oil, and seek blessings from God.
  • They visit the temples to worship the gods and goddess, and do chant mantras there. This is a great way for people to celebrate the new year by taking the blessings of God.
  • On Ugadi day, people buy new clothes and wear them. They make delicious foods on this day and celebrate this festival with their friends and families.
  • People celebrate Ugadi Day as a special day by buying new vehicles or starting new shops.
  • On this day, people also like to hears panchang from astrologers and pundits, and get idea of their horoscope, that they called panchang shravanam.
  • On Ugadi day, many cultural events are celebrated by people gathering and celebrating with other people.

Special Dishes of Ugadi 2024

Ugadi festival brings a lot of significance among people and is celebrated well by them. People make special dishes on this day and share them with their friends and families. You will surely find amazing dishes on Ugadi in every Telugu house. There are two main types of dishes prepared on Ugadi: pachadi and bevu bella.


Pachadi is a dish that is prepared by people in Ugadi 2024. They prepare it like a chutney dish that has all six flavours in it. There are the many best dishes of the Ugadi festival, which people enjoy with their family on Ugadi occasions.

Bevu Bella

On Ugadi 2024, people prepare the Bevu Bella at their homes. They prepare this dish with tamarind salt, mango, neem leaves, jiggery, salt and chilli. Every component in this dish represents a different existence. For example, the neem bitterness shows the trials of life, the happiness and sweetness of jiggery , the spiciness of life, and surpises of life represented by chilli, life fresh challenges and different experiences.


Ugadi festival marks the start of a new age of excitement and positivity among people. It acts as a reminder of the nature of life and the search for spiritual and material well-being. As families gather at this festival and eat delicious food, the Ugadi festival transforms into a celebration of life itself, diversified, lively and full of opportunity. On this day, people welcome the first day of the New year by opening hearts, harmony, prosperity, and happiness.

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