Who is running for President in 2024? List of Participating Candidates

Elections time is close, and people have their eyes on the 2024 presidential elections in the US. US presidential elections 2024 will held on 5 November 2024. There are many independent candidates, and democratic parties will go to take part in elections.

The previous elections was held in 2020 in which Joe biden was become President of US. Now, it is time of presidential elections 2024 in United States. Along with Donald trump and Joe biden, there are many parties take part in this year elections. In this post, we are going to give you list of presidents who are going to elect in the 2024 elections. You can get US presidential election predictions in this post.

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Who will run for President in 2024

US Presidential elections will schedule to take place on 5 November 2024. In this elections many individuals and parties are going to take part in this election. By vote in elections, voters can choose vice president and President for 4 years. On 20 January 2025, the victor of the elections is scheduled to take office.

The last year presidential election of United States, held on 3 November, 2020, was won by ticket of Joe biden and his running mate Kamala Harris. They defeat President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. The presidential race of 2024 will feature a number of candidates from different parties.

US President Election 2024 Date & Schedule

Election NameUS Presidential Elections 2024
CommissionFederal Election Commission
CountryUnited States of America
Total States50 states
Current PresidentJoe Biden
Previous Elections2020
Upcoming Elections2024
US President Election 2024 Date5 November 2024

2024 US Presidential Elections Candidates List

2024 US Presidential Election CandidatesKnown ForPolitical Party
Joe BidenCurrent President of USADemocratic Party
Donald TrumpPrevious President of USADemocratic Party
Vivek RamaswamyChairman of Strive Asset ManagementRepublican Party
Robert F. Kennedy JrEnvironment LawyerDemocratic Party
Marianne WilliamsonAuthor
Ryan BinkleyFounder of Generational Equity Group
Doug BurgumGovernor of North DakotaRepublican Party
Chris ChristieGovernor Of New JerseyRepublican Party
Ron DeSantisGovernor of FloridaRepublican Party
Larry ElderHost of the Show
Nikki HaleyAmbassador of UNRepublican Party
Will HurdUS Representative for TX-13
Asa HutchinsonGovernor of ArkansasRepublican Party
Perry JohnsonBusinessman
Mike PencePrevious Vice President of the USRepublican Party
Tim ScottUS Senator from South Carolina

Predictions for US presidential elections 2024

Here, you can find the US presidential election predictions

  • There are 2 main candidates running for the presidential elections 2024 in the US
  • These two candidates are Joe Biden and Donald J.Trump, in which we predict that Donald will get most of the votes
  • Vivek Ramaswamy from India is also contests the President elections in the US
  • In these elections, Donald and Joe Biden are going to compete with each other for the President seat
  • You should wait for some days to get more details on US presidential elections in 2024

Who is expected to win US presidential elections in 2024

If we predict results of election, especially one as most as US presidential election, is challenging. There are analysts and forecasters who use different methods and models to make predictions, but it is important to note that these are only predictions and not certainties.

According to current sources, different results are predicted by some polls and forecasts for US presidential elections. Some sources shows that close race, whereas others shows slight favor for one candidate over other. It is important to keep in mind that polls and predictions change with time and may change the final results. To get updated and accurate details, it is suggested to follow the official news sources. Ensure to get updated with the latest announcement on the US presidential election 2024. 

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