US Military Pay Chart 2024 Budget, Ranks, Spending, Size, Bases

US Military pay charts are modified every year. This year, in 2024, there is an increase in US Military pay charts by 5.2% as compared to previous years’ charts, which was 4.6%. NDAA, National Defence Authorization Act, received approval from the Representative House for 2024 and consists the 5.2% growth in pay rates. This approval proved beneficial for service members in the US military, whose pay rates have been increasing since 2024.

The pay rate 2024 for the US military is considered the highest rise and counted in the best efforts made by the Biden administration to support service members. The new budget is also released for the US military to increase pay rates. There is a complete analysis done on spending, bases, sizes, ranks, etc, before approving the increase in pay rates. In this article, we look at the US Military Pay Chart 2024 Budget, Ranks, Spending, Size, and Bases.

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US Military Pay Chart 2024 Overview

AuthorityUS Government
BranchesNavy, Airforce, and Military
RanksEnlisted Officers & Veterans
US Military Budget 2024$842 Billion
Budget ExpensesMilitary, Operations & Procurement
US Military Website

US Military Pay Chart 2024

The United States Government led by Joe Biden has declared the rise in US military pay rates. The new US military pay charts 2024 are applicable to all veterans, officers, and enlisted ranks. Now, you are confused about the rank-wise enrollment of officers, which depends on their years of experience. So, to understand the US Military Pay Charts 2024, you should know about US military ranks wise salaries of army service offers in the US.

To know about rank wise salaries of US military officers, you should read this article properly. Moreover, you should also know that allowance for less than 2 years and 6 years of service is different, so pay charts for the different tenures of service also vary. If you are in the US military or want to know about the current pay charts, you should check the new budget announced and salary according to your posts in the US military.

US Military budget 2024-25

  • The US Military budget for 2024-25 is the largest in the world, with a budget of $842 billion USD. It is one of the biggest budgets announced in the world.
  • This budget is only for military infrastructure, military operations, wages and salary of service members, cost of weapons, etc.
  • This year, US President Joe Biden announced the US military budget and raised the pay rate by 4.57 % from previous years.
  • Keep in mind that an increase in the US military budget and pay rate is expected for next year, also.
  • In any emergency, the Biden administration has the authority to increase the defense budget at any time.

US Military Chart 2024 Rank-wise

The Rank wise US military pay chart 2024 is available on the official website. As the official website has a record of the basic pay scale of every employee, you get the information according to years of service of your rank. Along with salary, the employees can also get additional benefits with a basic pay scale.

Military officers may also get other types of pay, like special duty pay, incentive pay, and hazardous duty pay. Along with it, the US military service officers may also get other benefits, like free housing, healthcare services, food, and educational opportunities. If you want to check the pay and benefits for US Military service members, then you can visit the official defense website. You can check the following table to see the pay charts of the US military according to your rank in the army.

RankYears of serviceMonthly basic pay (USD)
O-10Over 4417,675.10
O-9Over 4016,974.90
O-8Over 3616,275.10
O-7Over 3215,635.80
O-6Over 2814,341.80
O-5Over 2412,187.50
O-4Over 208,254.82
O-3Over 166,826.10
O-2Over 124,421.37
O-1Under 23,637.26
W-5Over 286,576.09
W-4Over 245,518.94
W-3Over 204,503.20
W-2Over 163,637.26
W-1Under 23,081.63
E-9Over 386,971.03
E-8Over 265,518.94
E-7Over 204,171.03
E-6Over 143,346.95
E-5Over 82,823.95
E-4Over 42,399.66
E-3Over 22,038.59
E-2Under 21,917.63
E-1Under 41,807.18

US Military 2024 spending

If we talk about the country that spends most in the country defense sector, then the US comes to the top. The US makes most spending in the defense sector, and in US Military, and increases the budget. NDAA gives $831.781 billion in total funding, according to the proposed bill.

The defense department will distribute the funding among 6 sub-components that are received by Congress. Agencies spend the budget resources and make financial promises to increase the payrates of US military service members.

In the previous time, there were concerns raised about Junior enlisted members, who are struggling to meet their basic needs like clothing and food. So, the increase in the Military pay rate provides financial relief to them and helps them to meet their basic needs. Junior enlisted members can also get an increase in their pay rates, according to the US military budget 2024-25

US Military Pay chart 2024-25- Monthly base pace

Before increasing the pay rates of the US Military, there is an approval required on the bill. Once the government approves the latest proposal for pay rates for the US Military, the new budget will be declared, and monthly pay rates will be increased for military service members. Here is the monthly basis pay rate of army members

Pay scalePay grade
$2,600.60E-1 with at least 4 months of service
$2,900.90 to $3,050.60E-3, to be conditional on years of service
$3,010.50 to $3,260.30E-4, to be conditional on years of service
$3,100.30 to $3,250.20E-5, based on years of service
$3,210E-6 with less than 2 years of service

The salary, along with the republican proposal, guarantees that active service members in the US military can get a minimum of $31,200 per year. According to this, their pay rate is $15 per hour, and they work 40 hours in week. If you want to get more updates on the US Military budget 2024, pay rate, ranks, etc, then it is suggested that you visit the official website regularly.

How to check the US Military Pay Chart 2024

The easy way to check the US Military Pay Chart 2024 is given below

  • First, you need to visit the official website of defense,
  • On the homepage of the website, you should choose the pay chart button and then click the category of service for which pay rate you want to check
  • Here you see the US pay chart for year-wise vacancies of officers and enlisted juniors
  • You should download this US Military pay rate report and keep it as a reference with you


US Military Pay Chart 2024 gives you a complete idea of salary and compensation packages for US Army members. This chart shows the basic pay rates for every grade and rank of officers and additional allowances and perks that officers get in their US Military. This pay chart takes in various account factors like years of service, deployment status, and special skills to determine the compensation level. Remember that pay rate figures are subject to change based on budget considerations and government regulations.

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