Windows 12 release date- What will Be New in it?

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Windows 12 release date

We are using the Window 11 from more than two years, with various updates. We starts using the Window 11 version 22H2 in 2022, followed by various updates in 2023, and lead to version 23H2 of Window 11. Even these updates keep Windows 11 operating fast, but still, users are highly awaited for Windows 12. They want to know about the window 12 release date, which is expected to launch in 2024

Microsoft will not confirm the window 12 release date currently, but it is expected that it will launch in half of the year 2024 or early 2025. As per the sources, Windows 12 will come with exciting AI features and more enhancements.

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Windows 12 Release Date

It is expected that Microsoft will launch Windows 12 in half of the 2024 year, around September. This time, it aligns with Windows 11 updates. It may also expected that the same window version will come with updates. Uncertainty occurs due to changes in the window. According to sources, it is come to know that windows 12 will built on platform called germanium, that marks the major updates in Microsoft launch. It is expected that the Germanium platform release will completed by April and used to roll out the devices started in June. So, it is expected that Windows 12 will release in September.

Microsoft Windows 12 Overview

Operating SystemMicrosoft Window
DeveloperMicrosoft Corporation
Version12 Beta Version (Latest)
Window 12 File SizeUp to 1.2 GB
Window 12 Launch DateIn the second half of the year
Basic Requirements to Launch Windows 12 on a PC4GB RAM, i5 or AMD Processor, minimum 256 GB HDD, Good Clock Speed
Features Included in Windows 12No Bugs, Moments, better Refresh Rate, New Taskbar, Multiple Homepages, Podcast Application
Mode of ReleaseOfficially
Operated inAll PCs
Official Website

What will be new in Window 12

Window 12 will come with new features, AI enhancements, and updates to current features and visual changes. This time, Microsoft focus on adding more AI features and result in major updates in form of window 12. The company is also set to refresh the old operating systems in 2024.

New AI features

Window 12 will mainly focus on AI features. Microsoft are already working on improvements of AI and come out as new version of window, and launch window 12. For example, the development team are works on advanced version of copilot that constantly run in background to improve context, search and helps users to begin their new project. System helps users to detect objects and text in images, so they can extract the content easily by simply copy and paste command.

A new version of Windows with AI capabilities will allow users to easily scroll the websites and apps and find specific content. The search experience improve the ability of users to use natural languages to find settings, files and apps on their system.

New visual changes

The visual changes also come with the launch of Windows 12 in 2024. The company has shown a new design concept for desktops that features a floating taskbar with round corners and a new bar interface with time, weather, and notification. The window 12 displays the design same that is found on distros of Linus and MacOS.

Windows 12 Price Rumors

There is an expectation that Windows 12 allows users to get free updates of Windows 11 as optional. The users of window 10 may get valid copy of windows after launch of window 12. If you require a new license. Here is the expected price of Windows 12

  • $139.99 for Windows 12 Home
  • $199.99 for Windows 12 Pro


Window 12 is expected to release in the second half of the year and comes with exciting features. It will surely run your computer faster because of the optimized operating system. Window 12 will run more smoothly and efficiently than Window 11. Some of the enhanced features of the new window include AI capabilities that help users find things easily and quickly and complete their tasks quickly. Window 12 is also expected to launch with new visuals that attract users to use it on their computer

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