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here we discuss information about awbi. It does not need to tell you AWBI stands for Animal Welfare Board of India or unimportant things. Without wasting your time, we will discuss what it does and its benefits to the state. This statement is made because if you are here, you must be well aware of it, but if you still need an introduction, you can read the final paragraph, where its brief history is given.

So, let’s start.

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What Does The AWBI Do?

The main functionality of welfare is allowing organizations that want to serve animals to work legally. First, they ask them to submit documents and then analyze their organization to ensure its work efficiency.

This process takes a long time, and when welfare fulfills all the necessary information and criteria, the board approves them.

Further, this board is also responsible for hiring officers who make contact between the state and people for wildlife welfare.

These officers work hard and inspect if all organizations are working perfectly. They also work on people’s requests for wildlife welfare.

Full Form Of (AWBI) – Animal Welfare Board Of India

Here We Discussed Full Form Of Awbi Is Animal Welfare Board Of India.

Loan To Trusted Agencies

The board is also responsible for granting loans or assistance to needy organizations. This helps such organizations work effectively and allows them to impact wildlife positively.

Below are some of the most granting budgets.

  1. Loans To Provide Ambulance for the Animals in Distress and Natural Calamity Grant
  2. Regular Grants
  3. Loans To Provide Shelter House for Animals Care
  4. Cattle Rescue Grant
  5. Animal Birth Control (ABC) Programme


Laws undoubtedly help us to live a peaceful life. This same matter applies to animal life. They need to feel a sense of comfort and safety.

The board ensures that animals must stay peaceful and healthy by providing wildlife welfare laws. First, they arrange paperwork with rules and then share it with other professionals from different welfare organizations to make changes.

This way, they list the most beneficial laws that will work effectively in every state for animal safety.

Aplling The Laws

Their work is not limited to providing a list of laws. Despite this, they also try to ensure these laws’ applicability. They also include the Police and other institutes for this purpose.


Providing awareness to people is the best way to remind them about their responsibility. That’s why the board is very active in raising awareness about wildlife care.

They use different modes to do so. Some methods are listed below.

1.   Education

The primary mode is education. They do talks in schools, on trains, and in some other communities. They also involve other board-certified animal welfare educators in such a process.

2.   Publications

Publications are the best way from 1st day. So, they issue publications to different platforms and communities.

3.   Events

Events are also helpful for such purposes. They collect people in different regions who need help to provide awareness for publications or education purposes. They collect them and guide them about how to treat animals.

This urges people to care for animals and build a sense of comfort for animals.

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Further Efforts

1. For Lab Animals

By thinking about lab animals, they also asked the state to make a committee. This committee represents some laws to control Experiments on Animals.

Under Dr. S. Chinny Krishna, this committee represented their thoughts to the state and told them about the dire situation of laboratories. They told them about the deficiency of resources that provide comfort to animals.

This wave is continuous, and lab animals need more effective efforts against it.

2. For Entertainment Animals

The board also talks about animals used for entertainment. For this purpose, the board provides awareness by publishing a book (circuss) that shares insights about circus animals.

After giving the rules (in 2005) to protect such animals, they got the result of their efforts (in 2012). Here, they find that the Government is also defending such animals.

Final Words

Animal Welfare Board of India has been working effectively from the first day of its establishment. It serves wildlife as a mother and ensures their life is comfortable and enjoyable.

If you don’t know, they were established in 1962, and their official office is in Chennai.

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