75th Republic Day 2024: 15 Interesting Facts about the Republic Day Parade

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Republic Day Parade

The 75th Republic Day of India is only a night away, and all preparations are done by everyone who participates on 26 January Republic Day. This Republic Day is special because it is the 75th Republic Day of India, and many things happened for the first time in 75 years, like two women contingents from the army force.

This is the reason why this year, R day celebrations have become big celebrations, and many chief guests arrive on the day. On 26 January 2024, the entire country feels a wave of tricolour for the 75th time. As this is a special day for the whole country, there are many interesting facts about it. Let’s dive into 15 interesting facts about the parade of our 75th Republic Day.

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75th Republic Day on 26 January 2024

India is commemorating its 75th Republic Day on 26 January 2024. Being the 75th anniversary of Republic Day, it is going to be an additional special day. The occasions are deliberate, and the issues are based upon a promise to be a grand celebration of the country’s progress, democracy, and rich cultural background.

15 interesting facts about the R day 2024 parade

Rajpath referred as Kartavyapath

As we all understand, each year, the parade on 26 January is performed at Rajpath situated in New Delhi; however, Rajpath was not the organizing centre for the parade from 1950 to 1954. Rajpath became the permanent venue for the parade of 26 January in AD 1955. Rajpath was recognized by the name ‘Kingsway’ at that time, now referred to as Kartavyapath.

Governor general of Pakistan invited this year

Every year, the Prime Minister/ President/ or the ruler of any country is invited as a chief guest for the 26th January parade. The President of Indonesia, Dr. Sukarno, was invited as a chief guest. However, in 1955, while the first parade was held at Rajpath, The Governor-General of Pakistan, Malik Ghulam Mohammad, was invited.

R Day Parade starts with President

The parade occasion on 26 January begins with the appearance of the President. First of all, the cavalier bodyguards of the President salute the National Flag, and all through this time, the National Anthem is played, and the 21 Guns Salute is also given. But do you know that firing isn’t always executed with 21 canons? Instead, 7- cannons of the Indian Navy, which might be called “25-ponders”, are used for firing three rounds. The thrilling reality is that the time of the gun salute firing fits with the time at which the National Anthem is played. The first firing happened at the start of the National Anthem, and the last firing took place right after 52 seconds. These cannons were made in 1941 and are used in all of the formal programs of the Navy.

Parade preparations starts earlier

All the contributors of the parade get geared up by 2 AM and arrive at the Rajpath by 3 AM. However, the arrangements for the parade began in July of the previous year, while all the contributors were officially informed about their participation. Till August, they practice parade at their related regiment centres and reach Delhi via December. The members have already practised for 600 hours earlier than performing on 26 January formally.

Special camp near India Gate

A special camp close to the premises of the India Gate is organized for all of the Tanks, Armored Vehicles, and contemporary equipment displaying the army power of India. The research process for every Cannon and the work of whitewashing is mostly achieved in 10 degrees; however, this time, perhaps it will likely be distinctive.

Parade covers 9 kms space only

For practice sessions for the parade on 26 January, each organization covers the space of 12 kilometres, but on the day of 26 January, they cover the space of 9 kilometres only. Judges are seated in the course of the parade and choose every participating institution primarily based on 200 parameters, and primarily based on this judgment, the name “great marching institution” is presented.

Parade is well prepared

Every activity completed at the 26th January parade occasion is pre-prepared, proper from the start until the give up. Therefore, even the smallest error and delay via the fewest minutes should be priced closely to the organizers.

Army participate in Parade

Each army employee who participates in the occasion of the parade has to pass through 4 levels of investigation. Besides this, their hands are very well checked to make sure that their palms aren’t loaded with stray bullets.

Tableaux in Parade

The tableaux in the parade flowed at a speed of about 5 km/hr so that people could watch them thoroughly. You will be surprised to realize that the drivers of these tableaux pressure them through a small window. In the Republic Day parade on 26 January 2022, 12 states and Union territories and nine ministries and departments decided to show off their tableaux. These encompass Arunachal Pradesh, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Meghalaya, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttarakhand.


The most captivating part of the event is the “flypast”. Responsibility for “flypast” lies with the Western Airforce Command, which includes the participation of around 41 aircraft. The plane worried in the parade takes off from distinct facilities of the Air Force and attains the Rajpath at a set time.

Abide with me song

The song “Abide with Me” is played at every Republic Day parade because it was Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite song. But now, it’s been removed via the central government.

Parade march with INSAS rifles

The army employees taking part in the parade march with indigenously made INSAS rifles, while employees of Special Security Forces march with Tavor rifles made in Israel. This time, maybe it is special.

320 crore budget

According to facts received through RTI, an expenditure of about 320 crore rupees was incurred in the parade occasion held in 2014 parade. In this way, the expenditure made at the 26th January parade has improved by 54.51% from 2001 to 2014.

First Pakistan chief guest

Malik Gulam Mohammed (the first governor-fashionable of Pakistan) became the first chief guest of the Rajpath parade in 1955 (the Republic Day Parade commenced for the first time).

Beating retreat rite

The Beating Retreat rite is held on 29 January at Vijay Chowk with the performance of Indian Army, Air Force and Navy bands. It marks the quit of Republic Day celebrations in India.

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