GTA 6 Release Date | Trailer | Release Date India

Are you a die-hard fan of GTA aka Grand Theft Auto that always tops the list when discussing the “Free-roaming-role-playing-video-game” category? Well, if your answer is “Yes” and if you also count yourself “A true gamer” then, read this blog till the end because it’s going to exclusively reveal the GTA 6 release date.


Apart from the details about the GTA 6 release date, this blog will also cover details like the GTA 6 trailer release date, and especially the Indian fans of GTA can also check out the GTA 6 release date India. So GTA 6 is in the development stage according to the official public sources of designers DMA Design and publishers BMG Interactive, and before revealing the GTA 6 release date, let us first shed some light on the GTA 6 trailer release date.

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When is GTA 6 Trailer going to release? – GTA 6 trailer release date

Well, if you are not an active social media user of the “Instagram” platform then let us tell you that Rockstar Games recently created an official page on Instagram where to date you will find 27.8 Million followers on the account and the strangest thing is that it has only posted a single picture of a “GTA Vice City Miami” theme based background. Now, here is this one thing that everyone should focus and it is the image has text written over it stating “Tailer 1 – Tuesday – December 5 – 9 AM ET”.

So it is quite clear that the first glimpse or GTA 6 trailer release date is set as 05 December 2023, and now the fans are going wild around the world to see the glimpses of the sixth edition of this epic game series that has also been in the news over the years as many of the kids parents have raised their voices against this video game by alleging that it leads kids towards violence and hatred in the society.

What is the GTA 6 release date? – GTA 6 Release Date 

Well, the assumptions and speculations of the GTA 6 release date started to arise in the ears around the whole of the gaming world when recently in the past on 18 September 2023, an unusual thing happened, and it was a GTA 6 Leak. In the leak, over 90 videos and screenshots from the early development stage of the game surface online. Later, this leak was also confirmed by Rockstar Games and since then the experts have been working to clear out the leaked material from the internet.

Now coming back to the game release date, according to the various online sources available publicly over the internet it is being stated that GTA 6 Release date is assumed to be March 2025, but there are also higher chances that if things went more smoothly in terms of designing and development of the game then the release date can also be preponed to end of the year 2024.

What is the GTA 6 release date in India? – GTA 6 Release Date India

To all the fans of the GTA in the India region if you are curious to know whether the GTA 6 release date is going to be as similar as it is going to be in the other parts of the world or if is there any other release date which is set separately for the India region due to various unknown external factors like licensing rights, releasing rights, etc. So the answer to this question is quite simple “No” the GTA 6 release date India is same as GTA 6 release date worldwide which is stated by the officials as March 2025.

When was GTA 6 first announced? – GTA 6 Announced

Gamers around the world who have played each edition of this widely praised video game got most curious about the GTA 6 release date when they heard about the GTA 6 announcement from the official team of Rockstar Games. According to official sources, the official announcement of GTA 6 was made in February 2022 when the news came out that GTA 6 is underway as it will widen the GTA 5 and GTA online community, and in August 2022, Rockstar Games parent company’s CEO made big promises that GTA 6 is going to lay down some new benchmarks in the entertainment industry of gaming.

Well, we hope that you are now well aware and alerted about the GTA 6 release date or GTA 6 release date India, along with other details about the GTA 6 video game like GTA 6 trailer release date, GTA 6 announcement, etc. So keep on browsing our website for the latest GTA 6 updates, and also to read more similar blogs like this one.

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