UPSC 2023 Topper List Aditya Srivastava Got top rank in Civil Services Examination 2023

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UPSC 2023 Topper List

Today, the UPSC announced the final results of the Civil Services Examination. Aditya Srivastava got the highest rank, and then Animesh Pradhan and then Donuru Ananya Reddy.

Here are the top 10 UPSC Toppers:

  • Aditya Srivastava
  • Animesh Pradhan
  • Donuru Ananya Reddy
  • P K Sidharth Ramkumar
  • Ruhani
  • Srishti Dabas
  • Anmol Rathore
  • Ashish Kumar
  • Nausheen
  • Aishwaryam Prajapati

Around 1016 candidates have been selected for different roles like Indian Administrative Services, Indian Foreign Services, Indian Police Services, and Central Services.

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The Civil Service Preliminary Examinations was held on May 28 last year, and the Mains exam in September. Interviews were conducted from January to April this year. Now that the result are out now you can check them results on the official website,

Aditya Srivastava secures top rank in Civil Services Examination 2023

Aditya Srivastava got the highest rank in the Civil Services Exam of 2023. He’s from Lucknow. Animesh Pradhan came second, and Donuru Ananya Reddy came third. Others in the top 10 are PK Sidharth Ramkumar, Ruhani, Srishti Dabas, Anmol Rathore, Ashish Kumar, Nausheen, and Aishwaryam Prajapati.

Aditya Srivastava is currently IPS training in Hyderabad. He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur with a B.Tech-M.Tech dual degree.

In total, 1,016 candidates (664 men and 352 women) have been recommended for various services by the Commission. Of the top five candidates, three are men and two are women.

The Civil Services Exam is held annually in three stages: preliminary, main, and interview, by the UPSC to select officers for prestigious services like the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Police Service (IPS), and Indian Revenue Service (IRS), others.

The Union Public Service Commission announced the list of qualified candidates based on the results of the written exam held in September 2023 and the interviews conducted from January to April 2024.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s Messages

The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, wrote a message on a social media platform called X (like Twitter) to cheer up those who didn’t pass the Civil Services Exam. He said that even if they didn’t succeed this time, there are many chances in the future to do well in exams and find great opportunities in India. He wished them good luck.

In the Civil Services Exam of 2023, Aditya Srivastava from Lucknow got the highest score. Animesh Pradhan came second, and Donuru Ananya Reddy came third. There were also other students who did really well in the exam.

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